Cardio Barrio

from by 607

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Nxgga this blunt force trauma
Nxgga this yikelife super
Nxgga this oil based karma
Nxgga we sharks yall groupers

When you a boss, no ceilings
I'm bout to manipulate these millions
You just smokin paper dicks
Tryna manipulate your feelins

Nxgga this new black, new south
New G code up on the wall
You can't help not a mothafxcka
Send me yo kids, we gone ball

Godbody godmind
I dont- beg ion ask
God hustle god grind
If yeen gone work; move ya ass (new set! ONE)

I'm from the cardio barrio (x3)
Heartbeat, run to the money (x2) RUN!

New set- run! No rest- run! (X3)
Heartbeat, run to the money (x2) RUN!

Big mistake tryna follow me
Act scared, pulled over
Whooped his ass by the dollar tree
Purple heart ima soldier

Not invincible you can die
Let it ride? Bitch I'm anti
You tellin stories at the campfire
That's why you still flyin standby

Soppin wet and she ain't naked
Happy monkey watch her hustle
Holy ghost I'm bout to catch it
Stand up in it make a muscle

I'm a sci-fi centerpiece
You the clone, you the mindless
Why acknowledge my enemies?
Humiliate em wit my silence

This a hell based tailgate
Shoot a sick bxtch point blank
Never follow, ima trailblaze
Used to try to be a saint but

Can't turn a ho into a housewife
Can't teach a worker bout the boss life
It's either in em or not, don't take it personal
Pick who you fight! Look in my eyes

She gone give it to me I don't even have to ask
She don't ask me either I just throw it in the bag - fasho
They always said I'm extreme and I'm outta my head
But really I just wanna fly before I'm dead (i will)

Cardio barrio lotta yo nxggas don't be in the zone
I know they weak when i see em they be in the gym on the phone
You don't wanna work when then when it's time to eat don't you pick up the fork
The workers eat AFTER the boss, allow me to cut that bitch short

Strong survive cuz they always find a way to succeed
A weak moph gone always find a new way to be weak

Say lil bxtch do not clap when you talk to me
I do 10 more when you done
Did you forget where I'm from?!


from Traptized, released October 31, 2016


all rights reserved



607 Little Rock, Arkansas

Tupac + Fiona Apple = 607

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