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released October 31, 2014


all rights reserved



607 Little Rock, Arkansas

Eccentric American Titan

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Track Name: Gotta Go
Been sitting here waiting for nxggas to get on my level
I'm cool wennispeace, when it's beef, i shoot better
Your woman be eyein me; if she try me, I'ma let her
She know I'm bubbling like a shook up diet dr pepper
How much money will it get us is the question I be posing
You can't answer, you aint a king boy you a soldier
Nothing wrong with it but don't act like we the same
I'm the owner gettin money don't got to go to the game
You got to tell em yo name you doin it wrong
Quiet when I'm there but they holla when I'm gone
Everything in-house baby get a skill,
The quicker we get finished the quicker we get to chill
Bout to give up on the women and just be a loner-
Said I got to wanna marry her to be up on her
Sound like a pimp trick i aint touch that
She still waitin on me to call back, fxck that :: i don't wanna be here

I gotta go, I can't stay
You ain't right, I can't wait (x4)

I really wanna chill out and stack more
But since I'm winnin ima target for the jackboys
accidentally shot a nxgga now you die hard
i got quiet and put the SK on the bipod
Homie was hannin now?! I gotcho mama tryna flag me down
Sayin my son depressed give him a pass for now
know my background and pedigree
She know her son aint SMART enough to be scared of me
But I respect her like a auntie so I cashed out
The hood crazy I got 2 get my ass out
It's GrowTivation the block is not my destination, just a pit stop
Gettin impatient, they betta hope this shit pop
Cuz if the energy I put into the positive go over to the negative
Bodies gone be droppin I ain't braggin I'm just sayin cuz these nxggas think I'm playin
gone either be some money or a pistol in my hand mofo
It ain't a secret, only reason you still got it cuz I let you keep it
No peace til the streets eat, hit a lick
Or dig a bigger ditch fxccn wit that nxgga 6
Waitin on you this light of mine'll neva shine bright
How long it take to gitcho moph mind right?!
If doin it for family don't motivate you
Then you the problem believe me I hate you ::
and i don't wanna be here
Track Name: Must Be A Duck
Mane you got so much in common wit these fake niggas
You bout that playin, I'm just sayin
Walk like a duck, quack like a duck, must be a duck (x2)

Okay I'm confused (x2)
You been sellin dope for 10 years but you broke - ok I'm confused
Okay I'm confused you gone have to excuse me
Yo credit 1000 then why you on housin?
Okay I'm confused
Okay I'm confused, let's get it Let's go
The reason you don't know me homie cuz you ain't nobody to know
Okay I'm confused, I'm tryna relate
That hatin gone haunt you why don't you just let me be great?
I ain't surprised
Pussy got faces and eyes
HIV pussy ain't shy
Pussy you die
Take em to the roof so high
Pussy ass nigga can't fly
Coming to the nerd from the hood with the beaker watch your tongue hold your head
Show up on your block with the Bluetooth speaker like member what you said??

Buck the Devil-
I been yikin tryna get my life together-
Doing ok but I know I can do better-
Mama told me never settle
But the man got n plans for me to die in the ghetto
I ain't crazy-
We didn't hang ourselves or put ourself through slavery-
Wear a uniform and kill our own teenagers-
Tax payin black man worth less than what they payin for each inmate in the can whatchoo sayin?
So whatchoo sayin?
Ok I'm confused, you gone have 2 excuse me
You say I'm the villain, you doin the killin
Ok I'm confused
The fuck is you sayin? What the fuck is yo plan
I'm finna go fill up a coupla gas cans
Track Name: Thottie Dottie
Thottie Dottie, she like 2 party
She just cause trouble
She been with everybody she a
Dizzy freak who lurk at night
And when she talk to the boys she speak into the mic
For all the broads thottie got yo man
Not because she want him because she can
She get him all relaxed and act all submissive then
It's all over cuz thottie don't listen
Save yo breath, and hide your son
Cuz thottie don't know she a thot she dumb
She hate to save, and love to spend
And when you stop trickin she'll text yo friend
Some of these women is thotties 2
And some of these women look just like you
I'm watchin, yeah I see her
Muggin all the bad ones, drinkin limaritas (yikes)

She a (thot x5) look at her
She a (thot x5) look at her
She a thot -She be drinkin limaritas
She a thot - cussin out her kids teacher

Thottie Dottie, she like 2 party
She got a big brother, he been wit everybody, He's
Lurkin and waitin to catch you slippin
And everybody but his mama - call him thottie pippen
To all the broads thottie want yo ear
He still wear cologne from his senior year
He text you good morning act all committed then
He disappear, cuz thottie ain't trippin
Protect yoself and listen good
Cuz thottie been boppin baby hood to hood
He hate to save, and love to spend
And while he next to you he'll text yo friend
See some of these men is thotties 2
And some of these men look just like you
But if you in the category don't be shame
Ima just point to ya I won't tell em ya name but

He a (thot x5) look at him
He a (thot x5) look at him
He a thot - He be in ya inbox
He a thot - say he ballin but he not
Track Name: 10-4
B-O double S no stress on 7 double deuce 0-4
He bucced twice then we let off a hunnit round drum bet the nxgga don't shoot no mo
Uneven exchange, shoot in the air? We aimin at brains
Youngins don't got no respect for a vet
They was at recess during my campaign
2014- mo 211s mo killins
Ain't shxt changed but the linens
And the logo on the shirt of the mirked in a blood pool swimmin
Project tenants wanna hear about peace
White folks wanna hear me talk about beef-
They spendin green but
I feel exploited they really can keep it
You want this experience? come live it with me!
Man the police can't stand the camera
LRPD done jammed the scanner
I got a license, black hatchback AK-47 comin out the paaaanorama-
One day we'll do them the way they do our kinfolk
If they shoot me don't salute me just finish my work and tell me 10-4

mane fuck them haters 10-4,
Let's get this paper 10-4,
been killin shit 10-4,
you still a bitch 10-4
I', sheisty yikin 10-4
You ain't got to like 10-4
It's gone get ugly 10-4
Stay forcused for me 10-4?

Hustla, balla, vet wit the moves I still ain't called her yet
Don't feel good if I send 10 texts I'll take 10 nos I need one yes
Lifer, Yiker, go liver
Criminal who first was a crime survivor
Huggin the block like new fitted sheet
Put my prey in a suite and I'm bout to surprise her
Do you, go hard, be bold
Burn the bridge, smoke out that troll
Turn his adams apple to a bloomin onion he say somethin they ain't posed to know -
Beef no comprende do without that
Have em in the hospital eatin outta pie shaped tupperware, chargers in every outlet, yeen bout that

I went from swigs and swallas to squatters and spotters
Da block in lil rock fasho ima product
Juvenile potnas who knock wit they feet have you slumped like you sleep witcho feet on the Ottoman
That smell ain't COOL but I don't wanna kill the mood and be RUDE douse that funky cookie wit the LUBE and keep it muh-ah muh-ah MOVIN, penis in her, tucked snug as a pickle spear in a Reuben, (Lol) yall know how we do it
Look here, I knew dat fool since middle school he BEEN slow
Don't bring that sucka to the block we at if you copy that 10-4
Track Name: I'm A Sergeant
6-0... 7 heavy hitta like the klitchkos steady gettin green like the bottom of a fish bowl
Homies proud they remember I was piss po
Crippin through the halls of McClellan wit tha big fro
Now it's on, high steppin in the end zone
Went from invisible to boy they could depend on
Use to hate it now I parlay up in the friendzone
Congratulated all the newlyweds but nuh uh
Never letta regular degular nigga pass the level of heckler checkem and lay back on the gas
Not a trapstar 1 helluva outcast, slash
Rap god, secular niggas mad
You was idle from december to cinco de mayo and you wonder why it ain't no chips in yo pico de gallo
I never underestimate the power of denial
Think about the difference when yo jacket on trial

See they can tellam a Sargent
You ain't aboutcho pay
Put a bg on the market
Tell me how much he gone make
You are not ready for varsity
Quit steppin outside yo grade
I don't talk fast you listen slow get that stupid smile off yo face homeboy
(Mm mm mm mm)
Ciz I been yikin since trus vogues trios and daytons homeboy
(Mm mm mm mm)
Was hittin the rink to squaaaaab when you was really skatin homeboy
(Mm mm mm mm)
Was makin plays on the pager when you was just cakin homeboy
(Mm mm mm mm)
That's how they know you aint ready for

6-0.... 7 stay relentless til the encore
Steady gettin green like the bottom of a lawnmower
I'm like a secret in your house and I haunt yours
Jack in yo daddy cup, rabbit in your mama drawer
Work wit me turf surf wit me lead em on a high speed chase tri statewide search wit me
Or name an opponent off the top of yo head
Who claimin he want it gone and put up your bread and watch me murk eem
A nigga just really be chillin I try to breeze over the fact that I'm killin em quiet is kept I'm glad they slept I ain't got no ceilings
I'm kickin the doe in cuz they told me that my meal in there the bad guy is a billionaire I guess Ima be the villain (huuh)
I don't be trippin at all
I got baby bottles fulla pentobarbital
And a trojan that'll blow the crown moldin off the wall
Get arrested order pizza wit my 1 phone call

See they can tellam a Sargent
You ain't aboutcho pay
Put a bg on the market
Tell me how much he gone make
You are not ready for varsity
Quit steppin outside yo grade
I don't talk fast you listen slow get that stupid smile off yo face homeboy
(Mm mm mm mm)
Ciz I been yikin since trus vogues trios and daytons homeboy
(Mm mm mm mm)
Was hittin the rink to squaaaaab when you was really skatin homeboy
(Mm mm mm mm)
Was makin plays on the pager when you was just cakin homeboy
(Mm mm mm mm)
That's how they know you aint ready for me
Track Name: Never Play
Mane I keep them punk ass- pussy ass
Niggas off my team
Once they figured out- I get cash
Hate is all I seen
Tried to sleep on big 6, wake up bitch it ain't no dream
Stop lil mane we all ain't the same
I be on the airplanes wit the screens
Instantaneously jump clean
We don't iron potna we str8
What it's a price tag on my jeans?
Shid my bad I got these today
When have I ever cared about the chatter or what a fulgazi nigga gotta say
Lie too much yo word don't got weight
Pump yo brakes don't fix yo face
Cuz I will never stutter wit the K
I am the predator and you the prey
I don't be trippin you don't got 2 speak to me and you can take it how you wanna take it
I'm knowin everybody ain't gone make it
So imma hog a lane or get to stalkin aimin at whatever russalin a leaf on a bush

Yeah I'll come around, but I'll neva stay around
Cuz I don't- fuck around, bitch I'll neva play around
You got plex wit me, don't wait til I leave, say it now
When I catch you 1 on 1, monkey ho, lay it down
Yo broad is a idiot, miss me wit that silliness
He said what? She said who? Gone bout yo bitness bitch
Neeeerd wit some guns ho, aaaand I know how to shoot
Tight shirt, gloves fulla gunpowder residue, yikes!
They talk a good one I see inconsistency
I showed up wit yoppas and he start quotin black history
Couldnt do nothin but LAUGH I went LIIIVE in my younger days
Now I'm 35 I don't go in I just fade away
You got an eXAGgeration of your relevance to the big picture beef you better settle, aint got to be sced, real niggas die, my big homie dead
I spit vet knowledge Im that heavy
Don't believe me then fact check me
Shootin the front door homeboys kickin in the back door bitch we ready
Track Name: Piece It Together
Nothin in life lasts but diamonds wood and leather
Success spread apart you got to piece this shit together
Niggas throw you crumbs, but ain't nobody gone help you

Sunrise on my curtains, face straight cuz I'm hurtin, side hustle tucked on the side of my side hustles im workin
Turf surfin tooth throbbin so im poppin antibiotics
Scared to let the air touch that bitch I'm textin niggas I'm ridin wit
Dont be stingy ho slide that shit my way and keep ya boy eatin
You got the lick he got the whip I got the strap we even
That teamwork is our secret after we leave aint never comin back
They won't let us get it str8 up so we gone have to sneak up on a hunnit racks
Add subtract multiplyin and dividin them fractions, bout that action not fashion, cant relax cuz I'm daddy gotta yike my stats
Like my back sposed to be against this wall be fightin like I'm 1 deep
I swing so hard if I miss I prolly fall and crack my front teeth
My daughter make it super easy cuz she cool wit whatever
Im watchin her play gettin pissed off cuz she don't know no better
Got 1200 sittin downtown west side bout anotha 7
Thats thanksgiving and Christmas im gone piece this shit together

I heard what you said, I got quiet so that stupid shit could echo in yo head
Been campaignin in vain u KNOW these niggas don't want no bread
You'll miss all yo scratch watchin them scratch they head
Sometimes you got to piece together you a family, piece together good friendships
Money just like a head of hair that won't grow right less yo ends clipped
Saw a grown man on a bike with groceries tied to both handlebars
Real niggas gone make it happen
Team or not we gone handle ours
Day 1 we drunk outta mason jars
Day 1000 the sheets silk
If you ain't stop by the duplex then don't visit when we get the house built
I don't take it personaaaal cuz I never took you serious
You cool, but I just don't wanna be around you point blank period
The best revenge do not involve a weapon, stay 100 let time pass and show them their reflection,
I'm flexin cuz
My 2nd job pay 11 hunnit, both paper routes pay 7
That's valentines day and easter im gone piece this shit together
Track Name: Felony RMX
these lyrics are sooooo slow. Shame on you
Track Name: Quarantine
::: a hard worker who just got tired and went berserker, the laws of attraction no match for the law of inertia, the misdirected fervor of my would-be usurper is a joke that tell itself, seek help or witness a murder, I slither with the grace of a hydra to somewhere higher, gold rope on each of my necks, nomad attire and my iron heart forged in the fires started by liars, don't say it's prejudice if your acts create the bias,
My screams shake the phlegm from my tonsils, you see it
Ebola's kill count way lower than the police's
The plan is to act like you scared of the black man
I will blow your gravy brain out bitch please quit playin
that Monkey shit a rap in 2015-
Mobile security front and backyard on split screen
Bitch yeen neem ready, that obstacle course won't help you take mine
Cuz don't nobody in they right mind run in a straight line
But listen - the hood that we live in is a gift
And the streets are like concrete ribbons
You trained me to survive in pain sucka
Now you want me gone
We gone see how that work out fuhya

Quarantine, pestilence, deal wit me
You got to deal wit me

Ima keep doin my thang and keep doin my thang and when I get through doin my thang- ima do my thang some mo I ain't changin ho- shooters in my call log and they trained to go, aim to kill, nigga we ain't trained to wound, how it is when yo energy can change the room, they respect you and protect you with kalichnikovs cuz they know 6 got a plan if some shit pop off,
But they stop talkin to you when you ain't livin in squalor
Learned the hard way on the streets and now I'm a scholar
All the women in the rock they want yo rep or your guala
Lie and say I tried to fuck em so they friends won't holla
I feel you
But that lil shit you brought to the table
Was gone in a couple hours, you didn't do me no favor
Lovin you is too expensive I ain't willin or able
I won't pay to see your theatrics I'll catch it on cable
Don't be surPrised at the rate that I grow
Women who used to know me don't know they don't know me no mo
See all the girls hate war cuz of blood but a man hate livin on his knees so we thuggin

Quarantine, pestilence, deal with me,
You got to deal wit me
Track Name: OverCompass
They say my raps are like steel wool to baby skin, a call to action on this planet fulla lazy men
Who say they family is the reason they just fall in line
Martin and Malcolm had one; so did Einstein
If only bachelors fought our battles, we would sorely lose
Great men with families changed the world homeboy you not excused (yikes) holup
Pardon my rejoinder, but I'd rather me than evil disappoint ya
They frown at my annointment and say 6-0 you done lost me I had to rewind it
You lost yoself you wasn't mine and I wasn't tryna find you
You got the gift of gab is you gone pimp molested teens or stand up on that rock that God gave you and act like a king?
May angel tears drip on the wounds of missed
opportunities, disparaging sick marriages, cant fix it
Just be cool, seen miscarriages turn mamas to misfits
In a crazy lonely world you GOT to be a lunatic so ummm

Hold that screen do open I got grocery bags of heat
But I live wit roaches fo' you leave must wipe yo feet
See you mo than a slogan, think before you write yo tweet
We hear knowledge in your book but we don't see it on yo street
Just blurry lines and sewer tops for your spiritual manhole,
This is kinda how the energy was the day they got they land stole,
The man cold, and he managed to pull off his greatest trick by makin anti conspiracy theorists think he don't exist
But Ma Dear felt his kiss she keep her coin purse in a knockoff,
But all her gaudy jewelry and debit card in a sock draw
Outlawed slavery but prison was like our stop loss
No molotov cocktails or rebellion it's like we nodded off
Chip on our shoulder they shot it off, We went to work like ween eem trippin
Apathy is a side effect of this country livin, no first amendment no second chances
We just dancin they manufactured this storm we under
But ghetto children don't see rain on windshields they see matrix numbers
The gods live among us.
Track Name: Rainbows On Oil Spots
Let's start at the beginning, I liked comics, gun magazines, and women
My deodorant by Mennen wasn't workin but i was grinnin
i left my work at school cuz it wasn't gettin me paid though
The only books I knew was food stamps and spades so
In tenth grade ima sensei, had crack cocaine n weed
Stood out there and served til police came thoo on them 10 speeds
I promise niggas don't know me, I know death, I know hurt
You so dumb but you so certain, fuck you and yo spokesperson
Big difference I didn't know, you a showboat ima shogun
Drive bys hella old school ima blow dust off the blow gun
Swoop through on a hang glider go THOOP THOOP wit the tranquilizer
Land joggin, take off the goggles, I'm loco when I'm ridin cuz

I'm Goin thoo it
I ain't trippin won't go into it-
It's Regular- turn into predator
Flowin sewage out on My block
Whether family witcha or not
Make it Beautiful- like rainbows on oil spots

Yeah I contemplated suicide
I had that butcher knife in my hands
Teeanger leanin on the wall cryin couldn't understand that it got better
Didn't know that my daughter would be so precious
Revisited times I tried to take my life the day I met her
Her presence is so heavenly, after all that hate festering I fall down on my knees and thank god that she ain't scared of me
That poltergeist localized anestheeesia in my heart reeegion
My crushes said i was ugly so ion need em
If crazy had a recipe my, head was the bowl
You'd slapthechef forputtinin too many ingredients fasho
In the hood it ain't just gangstas you got, ogres and trolls
Prostitutes that look just like faeries remote controlled by the devil
A message to my neighbors when I get my house
Call the police, you got damn right the music loud
Saw the book of revelations in the ghetto
Look at me, I'm successful on a whole nother level

but im Goin thoo it
I ain't trippin won't go into it-
It's Regular- turn into predator
Flowin sewage out on My block
Whether family witcha or not
Make it Beautiful- like rainbows on oil spots

Everything was all GOOD til I got inTO it wit one of the homies,
Went to get the yoppa came back them niggas called the police on me
They'll ask you to use YO phone and text YO plug ain't no love
so I elbow a nigga in the throat and step over him like a throw rug
Jump clean and hit YO club, my old foes wanna chat now
But i was like Norton Antivirus runnin scans in the background
I'll uppercut a nigga airborne
When I'm sideways in rare form,
Have his whole family so scared for him
Cute nurse wheelin out a chair for him
That's life!
Them niggas didn't leave me alone til I went ham
Through all the pain and cash I had to figure out who I am
I tell the youngsters go to church, they think it's a scam
They say preachers don't come on the block they must not give a damn that

I'm Goin thoo it
I ain't trippin won't go into it-
It's Regular- turn into predator
Flowin sewage out on My block
Whether family witcha or not
Make it Beautiful- like rainbows on oil spots
Track Name: Poltergeist
Somebody gone die in this hood
That's what it's gone be
I can't stop I just got 2 be sure it ain't me
Die up in this club
That's why I can't stay
Don't nobody up in here really care about me anyway
It's like a poltergeist (x2)

Verse 1:
Die up in this hood mane I can't do it
Niggas high and emotional, that's foolish
Diamond in the rough, algae growing in sewage
They're walking around here clueless
I ain't bout to die at the hands of no doofus
607 ain't on the scene, got yellow and blue, I'm chasing green
Ducked off in a pueblo eating cilantro, steamed garbanzo beans
Straight up walking dead
Neighborhood full of zombies
They run up on me like that I'm dumpin on something!


Verse 2:
Rain clouds float over my city like dead goldfish in a decorated mason jar
Is this how you pictured it?
Man I feel like I'm a immigrant,
Homies smokin that poltergeist, pray away the pain then get repossessed, vicious motor cycle -Ghost rider,
Pupils dilated, no saliva, this ain't the person your mama raised
But ignorance is an expensive outfit, and everybody wearin it GOT to pay
You outta place like a prom dress at a toga party feelin so foolish
Deal wit it, everybody got to deal wit it, you included!
Ain't nothin wrong wit a joint or a glass of wine
You overdoin it cuz you wanna be comfortable all the time
Change is uncomfortable but it's necessary for us to grow
So you might be the same person you was 2 years ago (look here)
You gotta cut back homie point black period
I saw you so loaded that your own kids wouldn't take you serious
Now he lonely and drove with a loose grip on his sanity
He hit the sherm got naked and whooped his whole family (facts)
I throw myself at the mercy of your addiction
I said I need you more than your habits do; and I meant it
If somehow I could be different and it would help you quit, then I'm listening
The bad parts of you showing but the good parts of you can still fix it
Let's kill that poltergeist
Track Name: I Miss My Daughter
If you're with your daughter,
If you're with your son,
Don't take it for granted just like that they could be gone
Mine can't be with me, I wish she could come and stay
I'ma Find a way

It's oceans between us, I swear my love stretch that far
But you can't see me, I wanna be where you are
Our governments beefing they slowin up the process
Baby it's a such a mess

Heard the lil children was making fun of your hair
Daddy so sorry i was supposed to be there
Baby you're beautiful that's the reason they stare
And we're Tillmans; we don't fit in nowhere

Mama gone bring you, they won't hurt you anymore
So many cousins and they got hair just like yours
Baby I think and talk about you everyday
I'ma find a way

If you're with your daughter,
If you're with your son,
Don't take it for granted just like that they could be gone
Mine can't be with me, I wish she could come and stay
I'ma Find a way

They say my destiny is set for me
Wish we didn't have to do this separately
I'm trusting God knows what's best for me
But it hurts and it hurts and it hurts

You didn't ask for this
But you're the victim in all this
I watch the movies we recorded
This hurt me worse than that abortion

Daddy sorry I make mistakes (x3)
I'll try my best to make it up one day

Daughter, I love you
Track Name: I See You
Deezie, Jade Clemmons, motivatin through fitness
Dubb gittin back acclimated said he ain't goin back to prison
I see you, it don't go unnoticed, I see you
OG Ray got the storefront, TopKnotch Boutique
She super cool a good business woman been knowin her since we were seniors
I see you, I'm so proud of you girl I see you
I don't care what nobody say you can't tell me nothin bout Breezy
She turned her pain into progress, Tristan hold her down when she need him,
I see you, it don't go unnoticed, I see you
Miss Lady Magazine, shout out to Jas and her team
Now we can tell our own story in our own words, ain't nothin sweeter
I see you, it don't go unnoticed, I see you

Can't tell me nothing bout the place that I'm from
Beautiful people in the place that I'm from

Some of the kids that I worked wit grew up and crossed the big stage
They told me 6 we was listenin, please come to my graduation
I see you, I'm so proud of all yall, I see you
Bro baby baby due any day, Kimmeri I can't wait to meet you
Ronnie got him one on the way, we daddies, can you believe it??
I see you, We gone be good fathers indeed
Caz da Chef in El Dorado, throwing events for the kids,
They don't like to give us coverage for the good stuff that we did but
I see you, it don't go unnoticed, I see you
Local artists have a hard time, but Trois be takin us serious
Deja Blu and Theresa Baker plug for us point blank period,
I see you, it don't go unnoticed, I see you

Can't tell me nothing bout the place that I'm from
Beautiful people in the place that I'm from

SolFood Catering and The Veg, we eating healthy
KFiz, Annie Abrams, SJ, Wes Felton,
I see you, it don't go unnoticed, I see you
Rance Golden on Fox, he put the underground on the box,
For every setback it's 7 blessings, bet the music won't stop
I see you, I'm so appreciative, I see you
Track Name: The Hearse
Call my bed the Hearse cuz i be killin