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by 607

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If you give them too much of your body they think it's theirs if you give them too much of your time they think it's theirs baby we're too grown to be lying we're all sharing but you must have forgotten let me be clear I do what I want to do, with who I want to do it with and I done kept it real with you so don't come at me with no bullshit muthafucka I'm grown! (x3) I can't get in trouble You must be used to them counterfeits I go in your pussy but I did not come out of it so quit trying to look me all in my eye for some conflict asking me dumb s*** baby you don't run s*** I like you and respect you at the same time I accepted your life don't try to change mine it's too much too fast my attitude shifts when you're talking out your ass I be like f*** you- I don't want to see you I ain't tryna change you- do you, be you I don't want to hang with you - no time, no way if you bout to wig on me when you don't get your way that's okay If you give them too much of your body they think it's theirs if you give them too much of your time they think it's theirs baby we're too grown to be lying we're all sharing but you must have forgotten let me be clear I do what I want to do, with who I want to do it with and I done kept it real with you so don't come at me with no bullshit muthafucka I'm grown! (x3) I can't get in trouble I ask her why it matter when she ask me where i been Nothin you can say gone stop me from goin again You need to know somethin, i'll tell you when it's time That pressurin and arguin, you askin for a lie I see it in your eyes, you get turned on when i be pissed off But all that fussin and arguing make my dick soft You believe every rumor, and i don't get it You dumb as you was before you got your college credits Pull in my neighborhood, turnin up my subs I ain't turnin nothin down til they free my homie Dubb You only like a nigga when you get your way Zip up your purse baby, you can't stay
Snoop and Deebo givin us the wrong kinda attention You ain't gone put somebody from here on don't mention us Snoop we done spent racks witchoo Potna you deserve it But you didn't give nuttin back, all you did was buy a jersey Young liar is not real I PROMISE That's a washed up comedian named Alex Thomas Arkansas is not a joke don't make us yo punchline Less you gone reach back and snatch some soldiers off this front line We just put them racks in sacks and mind our bitness bro But this mothafuckin tea is so delicious though Black folk always gotta tear each other down This what I do for a livin homie every sale count I am 607 and I represent the hogs When you speak on Batesville really you tombout us all From Pine Bluff to Lil Rock, Deebo musta forgot We them same boys who beat the brakes up offa Tupac
Ask Em Why 03:43
I ain't never did nothin to none of these niggas Ask em why is they hot Ask em why is they wastin gallons of gas passin my spot Ask em why is they talkin bout me, Ask em why they ain't paid Ask them why success make them mad, ask em why they ain't straight Ask em why, they don't know (x3) That's why i don't fuck with them hoes 607 don't wait around, No thank you i'm straight now Hand my girl a face towel and check my balance on paypal Yike with me, my team strong, if you sleep bitch; then dream on You a scrub, you need subs, your beat sounds like a ringtone Outpatient, I ain't got no brain, you outdated like crack cocaine I don't stunt if you ain't got no bank but i won't salut if you ain't got no rank Went to sleep at 1:30, woke back up at 5:30 Can't nobody outwork me, my fit is clean but my house dirty Stress level go up, success level go up Gotta take the good with the bad nigga grow up If he ain't never met me, never checked me about no cash Stop that hater, ask him why he mad
(Yik3s) 607 cipher verse- I need a hearse for all the people I'm bout to mirk Make it a droptop, fore you hear me fall off you'll see rick ross in a croptop, I'll serve a nigga wit them carrots like wingstop Let the loss linger, I'M the wasp wit the big stinger, thinkin you a hit singer, yo career was shawta than a 6th finger (dddaa) lil rock Arkansas, famous rappers actin wild but come to my city and stay on they bus, stuck sced sittin indian style We was doin smack cam waaay before youtube, stand him up like a meerkat slap the earwax off his bluetooth, need ta go back to school and elevate yo conversation, right now you just dropout on my knockout compilation, just cuz ion want yo cd dont mean ima hater, if I wanted to purchase trash I'd buy wrappin paper, but you sick and jaded salty cuz a nigga made it, so many squares yo whole neighborhood look pixelated, shakin like a recoverin addict my come up is that of legends, if yo gun ain't cocked it ain't no weapon ion feel threatened, Indian wit no chief, soldier wit no rank, I'm just a smell comin out this septic tank, stop me at the bank Listen to me now, gotta lace your shoes up fore the sun rise, lookin for me underground ain't gone find me, breakfast wit the astronauts livin in the sky, ske eye-eye-eye.... (Yik3s) I pass the time in ways that may seem asanine, I want the hunger I had when I didn't have a dime, I was a perfect child before I breached the birth canal, but livin hopeless got me focused on this mercantile (gets beamed up to space)
She Used 2 Paper = SU2P She know how to save, aint got to be fly everyday She hate debt, wont fuck off her school check naw Shoppin dont make her feel good, 6 digits in her bank account would She been around it, she aint messed up about it She got kids, dont none of em want for shit, It don't impress her, you can leave yo bankroll on the dresser I swear she is, the type I see me marryin She been around it, give her some she won't even count it Pay the tab no sneakin off, she tip big like a boss Don't be in all the stores, just might double up on the mortgage
Give It Up 02:48
Hey I like it, Think I'd be tired after all this yikin I know it's gone jump when i slede through the cipher Tell her put her pumps on the side of my nikes and give it up Slow motion baby, duddy wine slow motion baby (x2)
Pray 03:41
I'm in a bad place, I don't wanna worry my daughter with my sad face But she's smart. Daddy don't feel good, but i'll be ok- i serve a good God When I'm goin through a thing, and it's anger in my heart When I'm walkin with this pain, and i feel stuck in the dark When I know I could go see him and no one would even question where I've been When I got the ammunition loaded and I'm strictly focused on revenge I be callin out to God, help me get outta this slump Help me see the situation in a way that I don't feel like I'm a punk (he said)
Queen 02:57
Baby you know i miss you, been tryna kick it with you If you ain't comin through here; at least send me a picture Don't you know you're a queen? Let me show you what you mean to me To touch you is an honor, I won't hurt you I promise Come take a break in a place where you don't have to be mama Don't you know you're a queen? Let me show you what you mean to me The backbone of your family, they be runnin you raggedy Don't worry: if they hit you, you hit me, we gone make it happen Don't you know you're a queen? Let me show you what you mean to me I let you wander if you're curious, ain't nothin wrong with that I got you spoiled rotten; i'm knowin you'll be back Don't you know you're a queen? Let me show you what you mean to me
Built 4 This 01:33
Everybody ain't built for this, Mike told me let's hustle til we get filthy rich What don't kill us make muscle build; I'm goin hard Everybody ain't ready though, send em your regards (Hey, you're special) But everybody won't recognize God gave em sight but they ain't lookin through his eyes They was blessed wit a body but they aint got no mind Don't waste yo time, just stay on yo grind Everybody ain't built to learn They want life to be easy they aint concerned Everything got seasons, make em wait they turn Power is like a fire and it'll get you buuuuuuuurned (OOOOooo)
I know you tiiiired bro, they did you wroooong mane, let it go though, you focused on the wroooong thang, can't be solo, we sposed to be they cushion, think yo waaaay through the dumb shit keep pushin, chill and smile when they reach out to you, if it's money involved ya baby mama WILL lie to you, she don't mean no harm, let her think you a fool, she can do what she wanna do if the kiiiids cool, to my homies in school, dont be tryna fit in, fine girls get fat, thugs go to the pen, all athletes dont go pro, don't be concerned make the world PAY YOU for you learned, (see her) she bought a positive pregnancy test off craiiiigslist, for some punk who gave her a necklace, beat it raw now her stomach gettin fatter, you start listenin too late- now it don't matter
Put the needle on the record main any kind of beat, be it street I'ma wreck it mane don't think it is when I said it ain't 'm in my own zone if I hear the phone Ima let it rang see a hoe check a hoe punk ass n***** they must be pumping sugar up in your IV Stacks with straps really all I need plus a quick of Razorback Gorillaz behind me (yikes!) you can kind of see where I'm headed not a tough guy just a good n**** with a gun fish if you're gassed up come get it my team supreme 93, you 87 unleaded you went out of your way to git me up then forgot about me don't be lying to me like you hit me up she likes it when I throw my city up I'm suckin on her holding her with two hands like a sippy cup
Go Super! 03:03
Bitch I'm bout to go super (x2) 501s and Supras, chillin in the 501 with my troopers Bitch I'm bout to go super (x2) Got college students and cougars buying up macs, shoddis, and rugers
Look I know I'm from the hood, but that don't mean I can't be good Make em see It's complicated but i'm straight, if they just wait,I'm gonna make them proud of me I won't chase your spotlight the rest of my life cuz all of my time belongs to God I'm focusin' and i'm closin in cuz i'm s'posed to win but that don't mean it won't be hard Verse 1 I look around and i just cannot seem to find nobody who on my level Someone to share all this pain that I'm feelin I'm not tryin to say that I'm special Nobody willin, the police is killin us, they sayin my life is worthless They eat today an I'm s'posed to go pray for my afterlife blessings in churches Fuck what they talkin bout, stand up I'm walkin out, I promise this ain't what's happenin Jewish people help the younger Jewish people, Black people mad cuz I'm saggin Why they so focused on fashion? Put me to work and I'll wear what you ask me (I) Don't want respect, just a check for a business loan so I can go cash it The tolerance it just ain't there, table uneven this ain't fair I don't want her so she calls me sperm donor on the one time I can't help Soldier, so I ignored it- I wish my life was recorded So after my baby grow maybe I can show daddy's side of the story (LAWD!) And knowin ain't half the battle, you better go ask the pastor Steppin up your mental gives you the potential to cause a disaster faster So gimme my beatdown I can't wait to look at their face when I get back up bloody And tell em to hit me again, I'm willing to bleed to win, you can't FUCK with me
Same Size 01:45
Your house might be bigger Your car might be bigger Your bank might be bigger But our graves gonna be the same size Remember what's important before you die
Countin money at the stoplight- this can't be it I'm about to turn my phone off and think up on a lick I ain't goin home tonight (x2) Countin money at the stoplight- this can't be all I help too many people to ever think I'ma ball I ain't goin home tonight (x2)
Let's talk about my sickness Let's talk about my guns Let's talk about how nobody loves no one Let's talk about my sadness Let's talk about my health Let's talk about how everybody really livin for they self
Verse 1 Upgrade after upgrade, I keep it crackin Bandana with glasses, gloves, skull, what's happenin Some of y'all don't understand my energy I told the hood it couldn't have my identity I'ma be who my folks raised and do it major My location will not determine my behavior And that goes both ways homie, I'ma back it up Politicians, pastors, millionaires- I dap 'em up (They gone respect me) Cuz we the same; chasing women and runnin game Speaking up for the fam; just in a different language My parents made sure i was too many thangs Before i was labeled a black male, and i became Leader of the community, poor folks advocate Don't play us like we dumb and lazy, ho i ain't havin it! (I) Be up in the heights, but i grew up in the trap Nerd from the hood was sent to bridge the gap Verse 2 Through the sickness, daps, mugs, and one-armed hugs Hard workers emerge baby, we ain't ALL thugs Yellow spots on my eyes, family name on my back Blood pressure be high, eczema on my tats She rides and wants inside but can't find an opening Women say I'm so focused that I'm emotionless I let em get away with saying it's true God put me here for a reason, it wasn't to cater to you Keep it a hundo! They wanna run up on me so I keep a gun close Reach my hand out when they be in a bad spot I'm trying to grow a cash crop for the have-nots And keep 'em out the cemetary We more than strippers, students, and secretaries Put a foreign country down on your itinerary Overseas gives the ghetto respect Buy a ticket with your refund check! (I got a hundred on it!!)
Fresh up out the diamond store, lil cardboard box with a bow Building these relationships, no limit to how far i'll go I don't care if you friend or foe, they get wrong and i'll shoot them both Jealousy can turn blood to water, I'm thuggin harder like fuck them folks! Hostile turf, i'm on site- chasin paper you ain't got to watch my back Feel like something ain't right, ask where the bathroom at and go cock my strap I'm a nerd, you ain't got a mind like me, pussy ass punk never shine like me It's baby oil on your jesus piece, niggas see through like pizza grease Ain't nothin wrong with struggle, start accepting it Fake niggas ain't gone turn real, stop expecting it They get mad cuz i don't fuck wit them but i don't care Yeah i burned that bridge on purpose cuz that hoe didn't lead nowhere Verse 2 Touchdown, 1 foot in the door They're watching my moves, everything I do looks like it's a pose What's up with his clothes? That's not in the store so where did he go? The women responding: That's that big, bad, bully 6-0 Killing with no conscience cuz i'm a vet, fuck your respect, You ain't no threat, look at your neck, what is that brass? Niggas ain't checkin your tags - 187 your swag If you were gettin money then you wouldn't be gettin mad Canada Sunday, UK Tuesday, you stay high cuz your life is trash Waitress fight to take my order cuz i'm splendid I don't love her but I'm laid back and I tip big She can't stop touchin on me, looks like it's a win/win She instagramming my receipt but i an't trippin, it's all in the game
The world will remember you for whatever you were focused on the most- good or bad
Ya lil comments is irrelevant, ima wolf wit the skin of a elephant The last thing you want is me in my element, you need to believe it like inmates who think they girlfriend celibate Sayin you plug for me, don't insult my intelligence I know you scared of me like nazis scared of melanin You still spendin bands to rap in front of the next man fans Same ol song and dance quit playin My voice pay bills, rap bought my shoes I'm a product, a commodity I cannot lose Rappers talkin bout they ballin but I know they pretend I hit em wit my feature price and don't hear from em again Ima start a fundraiser sellin verse coupons, see if it help- You won't even invest in yourself If you can't spend a few hunnit on yo project bro What the f*ck I wanna be on it fo?! Gone, be mad, stay broke And imma stay me, do me, and stay put Walkin in wit groceries, close the do wit my foot Peel a orange, sign the pdf invoices and plot my next move n*gga I got choices! (Alh!) When they start talkin money in yo congregation Or makin music take yoself up out the conversation Fake n*ggas hear me say that and go to hatin But all the real gone use this for GrowTivation The whole world show me love cuz I am who I said I was And all through the years- these n*ggas couldn't kill my buzz cuz I am who I said I was The wolf of 12th street, the main attraction you a sideshow Said you was a factor that's a lie though These n*ggas couldn't kill my buzz cuz I am who I said I was: the wolf of 12th street
Stay Strong 02:54
When God is involved you are not limited to your limitations
Arkansas can be confusing
If you're with your daughter, If you're with your son, Don't take it for granted just like that they could be gone Mine can't be with me, I wish she could come and stay I'ma Find a way It's oceans between us, I swear my love stretch that far But you can't see me, I wanna be where you are Our governments beefing they slowin up the process Baby it's a such a mess Heard the lil children was making fun of your hair Daddy so sorry i was supposed to be there Baby you're beautiful that's the reason they stare And we're Tillmans; we don't fit in nowhere Mama gone bring you, they won't hurt you anymore So many cousins and they got hair just like yours Baby I think and talk about you everyday I'ma find a way If you're with your daughter, If you're with your son, Don't take it for granted just like that they could be gone Mine can't be with me, I wish she could come and stay I'ma Find a way They say my destiny is set for me Wish we didn't have to do this separately I'm trusting God knows what's best for me But it hurts and it hurts and it hurts You didn't ask for this But you're the victim in all this I watch the movies we recorded This hurt me worse than that abortion Daddy sorry I make mistakes (x3) I'll try my best to make it up one day Daughter, I love you
The periodic table of hustlin, the other ones ain't to be trusted I'm finna hip you to the game, OGs made the rules a long, long time ago And to this day, they're still the same 1st element: H (huah) Gotta have Heart, the courage and love is there 2nd element: He (That's HEad) Your knowledge makes them play fair 3rd element: Li LIsten more than you speak and analyze 4th element: Be BE who you are even if they chastize you 5th element: B Back your words up with action, busters be blaspheming But when they're has-beens, you'll get the last laugh 6th element: C Cash in on your passion, God gave you talent But skills pay bills, and talent turns to skill through practice 7th element: N Never let a day go by without working But don't let them do you dirty, make them treat you like a person 8th element: O Open your mind and then let it stay open Offer your logic, don't run from emotions 9th element: F Feel your way through, follow your first instinct, it'll amaze you 10th element: Ne Don't let N-E body trick your eyes Fans admire how you spend money The wise admire how you spend time (Hook) Riding around with no destination? No sir I can't condone that behavior say uh uh Bring some bread to this periodic table Baby make sure we got it say uh huh
Ornery 05:01
Been like this since I was a baby they think I'm evil I'm so ornery (x2) Mane I get so tired of this place they think I'm evil I'm so ornery (x2) I don't wanna be here no way they think I'm evil I'm so ornery (x2) Mane I get so tired of explaining they think I'm evil I'm so ornery (x2) 6-0... se-venUp- take the keys, pack it up, start the engine, rev it up (step it up x4) AR, Kalien, My rhythm isn't circadian Wandering lost like nemO, they think I'm an Omen they treat me like Damien Don't take me the wrong way, I'm a watcher, I chill Look how that white girl dances I bet she got mixed kids Look they sellin testosterone ain't nothin wrong with these men Look how these people don't work like me but they think we some kin And I'm like Yik3s! We ain't the same, I did what you did but I did it in pain You did what I did but you did it in vain I did it bloody I did it insane Truth is my drug, god is my plug You got a spark but that's not enough I'm from the ARK, lil rock in my blood I am not Noah bitch I am the flood Call off the boppas cuz they dont excite me I'm loco im yikin ain't nobody like me Outta my mind when I'm inside my feelins but still I'm so focused stackin my stipend You always slept, the dude we left You always lit like movie steps You neva was helpin I wasted my breath You think that's fair? Pssshhh Been like this since I was a baby they think I'm evil I'm so ornery (x2) Mane I get so tired of this place they think I'm evil I'm so ornery (x2) I don't wanna be here no way they think I'm evil I'm so ornery (x2) Mane I get so tired of explaining they think I'm evil I'm so ornery (x2) Be Real With Yourself You're your own worst enemy You don't want no help Your lifestyle suggests you ain't concerned with your health Obamacare ain't killin you, you eatin yoself to death you eatin yo self to death You rarely sit down and do homework witcha son Teachers work to make him smart you work harder to make him dumb You attracted yo baby mama cuz you be stuntin can't be surprised at how hard she come at you for money Real is the new evil when you're talking to complacent people
Hook: Somebody gone die in this hood That's what it's gone be I can't stop I just got 2 be sure it ain't me Die up in this club That's why I can't stay Don't nobody up in here really care about me anyway It's like a poltergeist (x2) Verse 1: Die up in this hood mane I can't do it Niggas high and emotional, that's foolish Diamond in the rough, algae growing in sewage They're walking around here clueless I ain't bout to die at the hands of no doofus 607 ain't on the scene, got yellow and blue, I'm chasing green Ducked off in a pueblo eating cilantro, steamed garbanzo beans Straight up walking dead Neighborhood full of zombies They run up on me like that I'm dumpin on something! (Hook) Verse 2: Rain clouds float over my city like dead goldfish in a decorated mason jar Is this how you pictured it? Man I feel like I'm a immigrant, Homies smokin that poltergeist, pray away the pain then get repossessed, vicious motor cycle -Ghost rider, Pupils dilated, no saliva, this ain't the person your mama raised But ignorance is an expensive outfit, and everybody wearin it GOT to pay You outta place like a prom dress at a toga party feelin so foolish Deal wit it, everybody got to deal wit it, you included! Ain't nothin wrong wit a joint or a glass of wine You overdoin it cuz you wanna be comfortable all the time Change is uncomfortable but it's necessary for us to grow So you might be the same person you was 2 years ago (look here) You gotta cut back homie point black period I saw you so loaded that your own kids wouldn't take you serious Now he lonely and drove with a loose grip on his sanity He hit the sherm got naked and whooped his whole family (facts) I throw myself at the mercy of your addiction I said I need you more than your habits do; and I meant it If somehow I could be different and it would help you quit, then I'm listening The bad parts of you showing but the good parts of you can still fix it Let's kill that poltergeist
I See You 04:01
Deezie, Jade Clemmons, motivatin through fitness Dubb gittin back acclimated said he ain't goin back to prison I see you, it don't go unnoticed, I see you OG Ray got the storefront, TopKnotch Boutique She super cool a good business woman been knowin her since we were seniors I see you, I'm so proud of you girl I see you I don't care what nobody say you can't tell me nothin bout Breezy She turned her pain into progress, Tristan hold her down when she need him, I see you, it don't go unnoticed, I see you Miss Lady Magazine, shout out to Jas and her team Now we can tell our own story in our own words, ain't nothin sweeter I see you, it don't go unnoticed, I see you Can't tell me nothing bout the place that I'm from Beautiful people in the place that I'm from Some of the kids that I worked wit grew up and crossed the big stage They told me 6 we was listenin, please come to my graduation I see you, I'm so proud of all yall, I see you Bro baby baby due any day, Kimmeri I can't wait to meet you Ronnie got him one on the way, we daddies, can you believe it?? I see you, We gone be good fathers indeed Caz da Chef in El Dorado, throwing events for the kids, They don't like to give us coverage for the good stuff that we did but I see you, it don't go unnoticed, I see you Local artists have a hard time, but Trois be takin us serious Deja Blu and Theresa Baker plug for us point blank period, I see you, it don't go unnoticed, I see you Can't tell me nothing bout the place that I'm from Beautiful people in the place that I'm from SolFood Catering and The Veg, we eating healthy KFiz, Annie Abrams, SJ, Wes Felton, I see you, it don't go unnoticed, I see you Rance Golden on Fox, he put the underground on the box, For every setback it's 7 blessings, bet the music won't stop I see you, I'm so appreciative, I see you
Late Pass 03:36
The Hearse 04:09
I held you down, you helped them hit me Told you to be careful with me I 4give you, but 4give me if I'm distant Ain't seen you in years, a shame we never kicked it, you fiesty wanna argue I be chillin, 4give me if I'm distant, What's cool to you was poison to me, I let you know you destroyin the creed, You said I was just bein too sensitive 4give me if I'm distant Said I was too serious and you just happy livin Choosin ignorance is just like quittin 4give me if I'm distant - quittin is contagious 4give me if I'm distant, we'll be ok But I had to detoxify my life You never heard me when I talked, I stopped talkin and now you ready to listen, 4give me if I'm distant I don't wanna speak, I just wanna go Where can I disappear to? I don't know, I don't know Uh-uh, 4give me if I'm distant Chloroform on my soldier rag You think I did you bad, I don't know Knock me out (x3) Chloroform on my soldier rag, I know you think I did you bad I don't know, 4give me if I'm distant Being me ain't easy, naw it ain't I swear Being me ain't easy, naw it ain't i swear 4give me if I'm distant, don't like how i was livin I need some better vision
Im 607, make vet moves so you gotta respect it (huah) I like curves and leggins, got on baby mama nerve when she was pregnant (huuh) In the club I'm str8 got sparklers taped to my chicken plate But playin me light ull beya big mistake Got the heat its hotta than pajamas wit the feet and ima ( huuh! ) Don't need rap to paint me no pictures Was gettin roughed up by the police fore I could buy swishas boy I got issues our license plates was fictitious jumpin them fences bruised my meniscus Yeen put no planks in this bank then you just a witness ho mind ya bitness Prolly snitchin, I'm like ( huuh!) Bitch wus hannin, shotgun shells in my kitchen cabinet Extra mags in my baby bag, know 12th row you'll understand me (huuh!) Nigga this the rock Come to my city if you miss the block One minute we yikin it's all love Next minute you runnin tryna duck cuz you don't really got ( x2 ) Hustle muscle, whassup, sit back down, shutup These other suckas can't pay that price That funny money don't come back right You can tellim what the fuck I said (x2) yeah yeah You can tellim howda fuck I said it (x2) ion give a damn You can tellim howda fuck I said it ion give a damn you betta You can tellim what the fuck I said and howda fuck I said it where the fuck I went and who the fuck I went with I will not trip I can't get in trouble I'm grown bitch Ion care if his name tatted, he text or tag you in a tweet or status, if you loved your kids check your baby daddy, that punk ass nigga don't own shit Tycoons know, funny money don't grow smart money don't show When it come to trust ya boy got issues Pigs in the hog pen work fada folks Life a series of marathons, runnin wit the sprinters have you dead or broke Civil rights helped us overcome but even then it was hatin ass black folks wit no Hustle Muscle
Look up in the mirror No logos, no jewelry, no promo Still fly as I can be I don't need that shit, it need me She look up in the mirror No lashes, no makeup, no fake asses Still fly as she can be She don't need that shxt, she need me My name 607, your name ain't important Cuz you ain't listener supported Homie yo swagger distorted, Song sound like coochie poots, Where did you record it? Got to beg em to play it go and get that shxt sorted My style is so foreign it might get me deported, I ain't trippin I'm tipping bxtch go get me what I ordered Yo crew fulla goons, ima tycoon tuckin heat, them niggas can't fxck witchoo so you know they can't fxck wit me codeine and promethazine got you slow like prometheus, they know they can't touch me they try to hate who they see me wit- fasho you wont c me flex 1 eye open like cbs, ima yike this highway of life, g-code is my gps, (in 1 quarter of a mile) Yall go out cruisin, me I put out the music They say I'm the best to do it You spendin, I'm stackin the difference in our friday nights I can't pay the bills wit instagram and facebook likes You runnin round sayin all you do is win you a loss to ya family they just took it on the chin, While I travel like echoes at the mall in the mornin Cuz when you tryna build a empire ballin is borin You ever chilled with a foreigner who cut her hair off and kicked it wit the niggas so long she turnt the air off? And she be wearin lingerie on tuesday like its laundry day, it's obvious I can't relate cuz yall a 1 dimensional audience Same time I'm the guy who know how burnin flesh look Bank robbin plans blacked out in the back of the sketchbook they gone value my love and advice when I'm dead, while I'm here they just be mad cuz I won't do how they said Look up in the mirror No logos, no jewelry, no promo Still fly as I can be I don't need that shit, it need me She look up in the mirror No lashes, no makeup, no fake asses Still fly as she can be She don't need that shit, she need me
B.O.D. 03:15
BOD back on deck snapping your neck with the rhythm Who this nxgga talking to? Somebody better get him... Gone, homie must want to go home- am i trippin? Get a pair of ruby slippers bet those motherfxckers fit him Kind of seems obvious probably a spy with a tap Pxssy with a smell ain't pxssy- it's a trap Feminine with the semen, he was dripping when I seen him So I chunked a firm deuce, I didn't give that nxgga dap Surf the turf in they face, make cash Chillin with a Philly and she BaeBae bad Spaceship whippin with the A-State flag I let the sun hit the wheels just in case they're mad (yeah) Talking down about my city he knows he's a Punk ass nxgga with a little rock phobia Wanted to go you know I was happy she came And I skeeted on the tattoo of her boyfriend's name (cuz I'm) BOD- back on deck Snap your neck with the strap Don't flex Go and cash your check with the fake ID They ain't lookin for a G, They know where to find me (x2) BOD back on deck snapping your neck with the blues All you say you do is win, all we see you do is lose Pay you no attention 'cause you got to pay your dues My life is a highway, I refuse to cruise Nxggas mad cause the city mine I'm relaxed while you're geeking out, peeking out the mini blinds Talking 'bout you could hit me anytime But when you're finished lying; I'ma show you why you're like a finish line I might be tired when I run across you, but I'ma break you in half and celebrate like a boss do If you don't pass away, it'll probably take a couple of flash grenades to get them blood suckers off you, crossed you, lost you Straight vulture: picking and pecking the meat Big balls, muddy claws, and a bloody beak Your mama cool, so your address is off limits But them hollow points will stick if you step in the street You're decrepit, the reason the weapon is even on me is I heard about you pulling guns on your own homies Scary nxggas have you in the pen for killing them Seeing and feeling them in dreams and I don't want that shxt Not to mention he's a sucker I know he's a Punk a$$ nxgga with a Little Rock phobia Wanted to go, you know I was happy she came And I skeeted on the tattoo of her boyfriend's name


Hell hath no hybrid like a Nerd from the Hood


released October 31, 2013


all rights reserved



607 Little Rock, Arkansas

Eccentric American Titan

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