New Wave Arkansas

by 607

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Clifton Barnum
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Clifton Barnum The whole album is ???, but the connected to the dead is as real as it get.
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malvernrida this song gives me chills it's so real.. #whyNOT607 Favorite track: Connected to the Dead.
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released June 7, 2017


all rights reserved



607 Little Rock, Arkansas

Eccentric American Titan

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Track Name: Shaka Zulu
Trend setter,
Give a fuck what you do
Sticks drums,
Shaka got damn Zulu
Holup, bitch,
You misunderstood 6
I be fuckin wit the hood
you suckin the hood dick
Gone and let the boy juug (x3)
I ain't really wanna do it to em
B'thain think that I could
Gone and let the boy juug (x2)

Hop up out the car (rep)
Bullets fallin off my lap (you see em)
Battery on 15% (damn)
Baby just sent me a snap (naked)
607 blucifix (yikes)
I don't cape and i don't cap (never)
But I do be fallin in looove wit my mothafuckin straps (ay ay)
Turnt it up wit no cosign (solid)
Rap is great, god is good (pray)
Tapes bumpin like Romine (dig)
Gone and let the boy juug (wooh!)
Turtle wax on my hood (heh)
Nasty fashion bitch ugh! (Heh)
I ain't really wanna do it to em
B'thain think that I could (I had to)

Pissy hallways dirty always that's the soil god chose (gutter)
Crack smoke in my nose (daily)
From that struggle grew a rose (yuh)

Everyday the same jokes (niggas)
They was jonin on the bold (stuntin)
Teacher said I didn't apply myself
I was like fuck you bitch I'm gettin drove (bitch)

All my life I been a underdog (woof)
So it's only right I fuck bitches (stab)
Bout to put some diamonds on my collar (bling)
Glowed up on a fuck nigga (yikes)

I ain't try a get in touch witcha- bitch
Don't you be lying to my auntie
Ima old balla Sidney moncrief
My life revolve around one street

Trend, setter,
Give a fuck what you do
Sticks, drums,
Shaka got damn Zulu
Holup, bitch,
Youmisunderstood 6
I be fuckin wit the hood
you suckin the hood dick
Gone and let the boy juug (x3)
I ain't really wanna do it to em
B'thain think that I could
Gone and let the boy juug (x2)

Verse 2

Mothafucka think he know me cuz I call him homie bitch I ain't the one (I promise)
Keep my name off your tongue (thank ya)
You have not seen all my guns (NIGGA)

When you really bout smoke youn exhale keep it in ya lungs (try me)
Cook a play up wit my thumbs (quick)
You got insufficient funds (bruh)

I'm a bald head nut ski mask fit me perfect let's jump (I'm ready)
Fresh gucci sto mannequin (drape)
You forever 21 (drove)

Special sauce papa john's (drip)
All the toppins I'm supreme (king)
Tell the truth he coulda won (low key)
But all his opps on his team (shame)

Fuck it up, (ay) fuck it up (ay)
Get me a check and I fuck it up
Fuck it up (ay) fuck it up (ay)
Nigga told me i ain't tough enough (what?)

Niggas got corpse and prisoner fetishes, promise no cappin that's a fact (crazy)
You only look up to niggas who got caught, type of backwards shit is that?! (Drove)

All my life I got it out the mud (grind)
So it's only right I ride dirty (strapped)
100 round magazine plug (cans)
Gone on witcha lil 30 (that's cute)

Ima gitcha back don't worry - bitch
I just will not jump stupid (nah)
I'm a free man you a doofus
Being locked up ain't no cool shit

Trend setter,
Give a fuck what you do
Sticks drums,
Shaka got damn Zulu
Holup, bitch,
Youmisunderstood 6
I be fuckin wit the hood
you suckin the hood dick
Gone and let the boy juug (x3)
I ain't really wanna do it to em
B'thain think that I could
Gone and let the boy juug (x2)
Track Name: Falladat ft. Quarterpiece x Don400
Falladat, falladat
Locate the money and falladat
Falladat, falladat
Opp in a car ima falladat

Falladat, falladat
I see a booty and falladat
Friendship I don't put no stock in that
Bitch ima star I don't follow back

Falladat, falladat
Tru religion I ain't rockin that (nope)
Opp in a car ima falladat (getem)
MC the hammer and cock it back (hammer)

Falladat, falladat
From the field he don't know me
Deal sealed ima OG
Weer weer he da police

Falladat, falladat
Can't let the money go I'm attached (neva)
All the racks, all the racks
Gimme my tax I want all the racks

Falladat, falladat
Say I'm glorifyin niggas dyin
How you gone raise me up in the jungle
And expect me not be a lion?

Yiked up and it feel good
Hard times seem far away
Tell mama I'm still good
Toast toast wit the chardonnay (clink)

Never die, never die
I feel like I ain't gone never die
No pass for a sneak dis
Say my name nigga specify

Sauce walker call me Hezekiah
You be walkin cuz you sced to fly
You not like me don't you tell that lie
I can dust you nigga bet the five

Couldna hated at a better time
Say yo daddy name instead mine
You a dancer Kevin Federline
I'm the point shootin niggas dimes
Track Name: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
Bug guts on the wall (splat)
Noodle water on the stove (splash)
Fuck shit make me laugh (yeah)
But the hustle make me whole (facts)

Fertilize my PayPal
I can make the money grow (sprout)
If I ain't got a million laid out
I be feelin like I'm broke (greedy)

Gang sound killa in the booth
Talking how the birds fly (word)
Split em up at the precinct
Sound like the church choir (sangin)

Let the bodies hit the slab
Left him slumped on the ave
Now the turf need a bath
Top shotta up for grabs

Let the police do the math
Truck wit the extended cab
Rhino linin on the bed
Hit the bay and blow it out

They'll shoot around the kids (savage)
They'll disrespect the dead (monster)
If the world don't embrace me
Ain't no promise I ain't next (facts)

So I'm movin like a ninja (creep)
Back and forth on your peninsula
Fiend flag me down I'll stop (sup)
Point the gun under the window (yeah)

I'll shoot ya thoo the do (bow)
I ain't tough that's how it go (fareal)
Always ready for the war (ready)
Relative'll cutcha thote


Put a bullet in the head (hot)
Put a pill in ya body (pop)
Put a needle in ya leg (prick)
Zombie walkin wit the shottie (whoa)

Wear his backpack backwards
Wit his hand in the pocket (ready)
Run up on him like a rapper
Introduce ya to the rocket (blast)

World 7 billion people (ehm)
Price of murda goin down
Lord deliver us from evil (please)
Show no sign of slowin down

A State money wolf (woof)
You don't eat if you don't cook (starve)
You don't answer one question (nah)
You don't speak you don't look (never)

Can't get mad up in the streets (why)
Everybody there a crook (facts)
Intimidation null and void (waste)
Nigga ain't nobody shook (nooo)

I ain't fuckin witcha vibe (ehm)
I don't share I don't subscribe (uh uh)
Ion care I know he live (so)
I can't stop a nigga dyin
Track Name: ABC 123
Bitch I get hype I go ham (A)
Killin kids I'm the plan (B)
Goonies pull up wit them cans (C)
Dump out the back of the van (D)

Even they can't understand (E)
Catholics ain't got no bands (F)
Foot on they neck I'm a damn (G)
Wait- my niggas sellin that (H)

Steak on my plate it's a rib (I)
Shoe that I buy 'fore I re-up (J)
If I catch you wit the A (K)
Well, you just gotta take a (L)

Fuck a label gotta start a (M)
Pire hit the niggas harder (N)
Steada slavin I'm a C-E (O)
Penny pinchin make me sleee (P)

Gold shoes like a damn (Q)
Rippin runnin wit the cannon (R)
Stripes like Uncle Sam (S)
Textin prices on the gram (T)

Useta hatha ride a greyhound (U)
Now you catch me in a crown (V)
Weak niggas wanna be down (W)
If they come up on my browser (X)

Yeah I'm numb to the hate (Y)
These niggas got to be cray (Z)
Common denominator is a bitch
Bullets'll compensate em when they switch
She want immunity when I get rich
I just inoculate her wit the dick
They call me 607 blucif1x I crucify whoever fuckin wit the clique

607 ABC 123
Hustle my major ho! Kill you eeeasy (x2)
Track Name: Lights Out ft. Juan400
Liiiiights out
Wave shinin all thoo yo city
Liiiiights out
Get it all go in yo bag
Slap the dog don't touch my stash
I'm a hog he can't get mad
Have to double back I'm gone blast
Liiiiights out

Liiiiights out
5 broads 2 dogs and the
Liiiights out
4 rooms airBNB
Point em out that's you that's me
Swim good then switch on 3
If she hongry let's order pizza
Liiiights out

Wave on get ya bang on can't stay long little boy
Hang on got that thang on me get my aim on you destroyed
But right now we on some playa shit
Know you had a long day
Tell your friends get they life together
Let me show you where I staaaaay

Don4 got the live jumpin
Phatte4 got the pharmacy
Juan4 at the liquor store
Every moment is a party

All the phones on glow
I might get on periscope
They can see me France
They can hear me next doooooor
Track Name: Feed the Pigeons ft. Lil Nuke x L Kap
Thumbin thoo a loaf bout to feeeeed the pigeons
Gimme top don't neeeed ya feelins
Dig in the bag (clutch it)
Throw it on her ass (fuck it) YAH!

Put a lil bread in her beak (wonder)
Watch her lil attitude change (instant)
Put a lil bread in her beak (panera)
Look, the hoe done grew wangz (flight)

Money be boostin they confidence (ha)
You know how much pussy ima get? (Plenny)
Skeet a lil nut on her tailfeathers (skeet)
Nigga this pimpin is common sense (duh)

Fair exchange, fair exchange
Ain't no robbin it's a fair exchange
Won't call you ho if you don't call me trick
It's a win/win ain't no better game

Shooters make sure I don't catch a body
Condoms make sure I don't catch the bird flu
Stretch marks ain't a problem goin in like I got a curfew
Track Name: Put Me On Live ft. QuarterPiece x Fero
I'm on this paper route 24/7 wit no 9 to 5

Put me on live, put me on live
I'm fresh to death and I'm feelin myself, put me on live

Put me on live, No filter no mask
Pockets on baby bump what is the gender? I'm havin this cash
Put me on live, push that beef to the side
You boutcho money and business first and foremost come to my tribe

Bitch I'm a star and I feel like I'm shinin so I let her drive
I did not ask her to do what she did but I set up the vibe
These niggas fake so when I talk that real shit they don't recognize
I tell em where I got it from and just laugh when they look up the price
I didn't buy this onliiine, I got foreign receipts
I do this for all of my niggas who loco and stuck in the streets

Put me on live, lowdown dirty shame
The part of you that don't wanna respect me niggades where I aim

She made a run for me I let it slide when she kept all my change
I never chase em close one eye and take em str8 up out the game
Figaro my chain in
Track Name: Got 2 B A Shooter ft. NHB Lloyd, Phatte400, Don400, itsjusbobby
(DJ talking)
You see my niggas, we ride together,
Die together, all my shooters,
My niggas, my A-1 day one's,
That's how hard we go

A nigga try to kill me he gon' die with me
We creeping down your street with them big 223's
You gotta be a shooter if you're riding with me
Everybody gotta pop something,
You don't shoot- you don't eat
A nigga try to kill me he gon' die with me
We creeping down your street with them big 223's
You gotta be a shooter if you're riding with me
Everybody gotta pop something,
You don't shoot- you don't eat

NHB Lloyd verse:
Late nights, popping down smoking gasoline
Evil thoughts going through my mind, this is not a dream
You say you with the shits, I'm gangster nigga come and see me
Mini micro that's a Draco, we don't do no missing

Take a ride in the 20's show you how I'm living
Take a ride, where's the enemy? we got ammunition
If a nigga try to play me then it's up there with me
If a nigga try to kill me, he's coming down there with me

607 verse:
Got to be a shooter we ain't feeding no bystanders
When it pop off, I'm gonna slap my nigga if he pull out a camera
Get you knocked off, fucking with them social media warriors
Hoe in real life, but thugging in his instagram stories

Got to be a shooter, ain't gone pop shit nigga who us?
Hot drinks at the family reunion
AK wit the clips in the cooler
Improvise on the fly I'm a fool (ah)
Do a drive-by shooting out the uber
Put the fire up on his head like a hookah
Got to be a shooter
Fuck with me you hear the blue!

A nigga try to kill me he gon' die with me
We creeping down your street with them big 223's
You gotta be a shooter if you're riding with me
Everybody gotta pop something,
You don't shoot- you don't eat
A nigga try to kill me he gon' die with me
We creeping down your street with them big 223's
You gotta be a shooter if you're riding with me
Everybody gotta pop something,
You don't shoot- you don't eat

Phatte400 verse:
Lay a nigga down when he thought the shit was sweet
I gotta stay cautious when these feds doing these sweeps
I gotta stay cautious 'cause it's niggas envying me
I'm a Cheatham Park nigga and you niggas know how it be

Phatte400 and I'm coming straight out the east
A nigga stole from me, then a nigga will never eat
You playing with your life when you feel like taking from me
When I catch up with you, bitch you know I'm aiming at your teeth

Don400 verse:
Shots fired, man down, he don't survive
In the cut, smoking good with evil thoughts up on my mind
Saying swerve on a nigga, go for the scrilla and his life
He done fucked with the wrong one, applying pressure
Gone bust pipes
These niggas, scared of the beef
And don't want to go to war with me
I don't blame you, we got change from your
head down to your feet
Stay out the way,
'Cause you know a young nigga out chasing his cheese,
You play with me;
And I'm gonna let all my dogs up off the leash

A nigga try to kill me he gon' die with me
We creeping down your street with them big 223's
You gotta be a shooter if you're riding with me
Everybody gotta pop something,
You don't shoot- you don't eat
A nigga try to kill me he gon' die with me
We creeping down your street with them big 223's
You gotta be a shooter if you're riding with me
Everybody gotta pop something,
You don't shoot- you don't eat

itsjusbobby verse:
We don't really talk that much, they already knowing
Even if you floss that slut; she already going
Even if it costs that much; we ain't gotta show it
Moving in forward motion, nigga we rollercoasting

These niggas hate forever, ain't trying to change that
I let 'em do what they do, until we aim back
I do the game a favor, I bless it with my presence
Go and be all you can be, while my niggas finessing

Ain't gotta feel me or deal with me, we still there
Don't need nobody permission, nigga we everywhere
Trying to locate my competition but they still missing
Hate if you want; but my niggas riding until the ending

A nigga try to kill me he gon' die with me
We creeping down your street with them big 223's
You gotta be a shooter if you're riding with me
Everybody gotta pop something,
You don't shoot- you don't eat
A nigga try to kill me he gon' die with me
We creeping down your street with them big 223's
You gotta be a shooter if you're riding with me
Everybody gotta pop something,
You don't shoot- you don't eat
Track Name: Kill What You Love ft. Arkansas Bo
Kill what you love, kill what you love
Leave you alive and I kill what you love
Kill what you love kill what you love
Look in yo eye when i kill what you love

Oh you like hustle I'm killin it, oh you like fashion I'm killin it
Check out my sack
Oh you like music I'm killin it I heard yo tape I wasn't feelin it
Don't call me back

Oh you like bitches I'm killin em case after case I'm the villain
I give em the axe
Flexin bout fightin and stealin you run off the money and women my nigga relax

Oh you like tourin I kilt it already
This life is borin I kilt it already
Oh you like foreigns i kilt em already
I need me some muscle I'm back on the Chevy

Oh you like flexin I kilt it already
All by my lonely 1 deep in this bitch
Stunt em so hard they don't know til they google
They look back up at me I'm cheesin and shit

Nigga you fuckin wit God huh
Cover yo life wit the dark huh
Took the bag i was gone put on yo head
And bought my grandma a massage huh

Hate on a boss atcho job huh
Salty like chicken from shark's huh
Joke about being the king of the deck
But a check for you ain't in the cards huh

Got- damn the bag done got big (x2)
Suckas be tickin, pocketwatchin ass niggas
Gone somewhere wit that shit
This a religion
Learn a- lesson- boutcha- self- yeena boss- nigga (huh)
Call me- bluci- f1x it's- hell if- I get crossed- nigga
Track Name: Came From Nothin ft. DMPJefe
Paper different when you came from nothin
2 hots no cot (hard)
I was borrrn in the gutta (sewer)
I was raised by thots (facts)

Make a pallet on the flo (nightmare)
2 sisters 2 bros (packed)
Smoke sausage and noodles (yikes)
I ain't neva goin back no mo

Now a nigga might
Get a papercut from thumbin thoo a sack fulla racks got daaammit
Counted last night
But today just for fun I never thought that I would have it shit

Now they can see who the realest (you see it)
Cut that out yall ain't no killers (stop)
I know YOU ain't gettin no money (bruh)
Yo sista be stealing from Dillard's (theee)

Slap a nigga to his knees Hercules Hercules what the lick read
Heard em woofin but he fulla serp and weed serp and weed that's a bitch breed (yorkie)
Killer instinct call me Jago
Bills be low low cuz I stay gone
Uh uh I don't fuck wit dracos
But I get some pussy smell my fingers on the way home (aaay!)

I be so happy they think that my money new
They would rob me if they knew how my money grew
Choppa stupid but i don't do what dummies do,
Drop a bag off to yo mama in front of you

Now I'm the heada yo household
Getcha mama 2 sweets from the mapco
And I know you got a mixtape bout to drop you better say my name in yo outro bitch

Smoke, plex? No problem (nah)
We handle beef like dairy queen
Zip the boy up in a body bag (zrrrp)
Jesus get the hoe some fairy wings

I don't give bums a crumb (why?)
My mama was homeless wit 4 kids
Now these hunnits cuttin my thumbs damn
And the whole world know Blucifix
Track Name: Connected to the Dead
I Walk through hell everyday the devil don't notice me
The spirits of my dead potnas watchin over me
If I could trade god them eyes and get my guys back
Holup I'm movin too fast, lemme rewind back

Picture it
By the time I hit 9th grade
5 of my potnas was resting inside a grave
And now they walk wit me I took em all on they first plane
I feel em in my lungs when I'm standin on that stage

Stopped lookin forward to bein a high school grad
Cuz by the 10th grade, both my grandaddies passed
Let me tell it couldn't nobody love you more than me
I miss you cursing me out, I miss you spoiling me

The fallen angels tied to me, they float like balloons
Can't let em go but I ain't tryna see em soon
A winner with no friends is a loser in the end
So I'm tryna make a million while I can


Told me pay for this abortion or you'll kill it
I kinda wanted to keep it so I'm really in my feelings
You was actin too normal right after, I'm wonderin what's up
You bussed out cryin witcha mouth open I KNEW we fucked up

So add a baby to my angel army
You prolly don't believe me but I'm sorry
I know you had a heartbeat
So did my OG but his day was marked
Him and his baby mama died 15 years apart- that's hard

And to this day I never met another dude like you
Remember everything you taught me still move like you
The nigga who shot you did his time he out here free
I hope he can't stop thinkin bout you, hope you in his dreams

It seems
We all connected to the dead
Tears fallin out my face, hair fallin out my head
I reached out to your son but he never got back wit me
Try not to be too disappointed in me
Track Name: Give It Time
You don't wanna fuck wit me baby ima old dude, old news
Sneaker junkie buyin old shoes wit the old hunnits way before the blues, retro
And my bitness so old school,
get the money while they get the views (check)
New guns new year's eve but I'll catch a body wit the old tool (blu)

Old phone play the O'Jays
Old shackleford, go the old way (whiip)
Old friends been through thick and thin
So I'm happy when I see a old face (aay!)

Old kids and I'm donezo,
I don't wanna make no babies (nah)
I don't care if she a young thot,
Ima introduce her as my old lady

Shoppin spree wit my new army
We ain't fuckin wit the old navy (noooo)
Niggas dyin but old beef is a new thang
And I shole hate it (damn)

Kicking waves to the old felons wit the old adc numbers (varner)
Fucked around caught 3 strikes cuz the goal was to see 3 commas

Look like it's gone be a mean summer
Body count stackin to the clouds
Kilt em dead bout a quarter pound
It was corn it wasn't even loud (aaawww)

Stonerville I hope you make it out (yikes)
Free Rocky, sup Jxy Whye (bluu)
I can't put a million in ya hand but I'll get you to it if you give it time

Anybody wanna buy a heart? (Sale)
Get this mothafucka outta me (yeah)
Feeling keep a nigga EXhausted (whew)
Ex call, wanna lie to me (bitch)

Chest tight when I EXhale (pheww)
Baby I don't wanna EXplain (hush)
I can't let her bring the XLs (nah)
She the type to play them pregnant games (maury)

Pray for sun EXpect rain
Never be a smooth EXchange (never)
Youngins be EXcited when they catch a body but they'll never be the same (never)

You connected to the dead for life
You gone see him when you look at your wife
Daydream about him when you playin witcha grandkids
That's a helluva price

Toughman contest, winner
Go to jail or they die nigga
When you play a stupid game wit us
You gone win a stupid prize nigga

Be a asset to the team (yeeah)
Keep a level head, be aware
Shit I hate the penitentiary,
But I send em money cuz my niggas there (pre-pay) (corrlinks)

Gotta move different you wanna survive
Yo enemies won't shoot but they screenshottin yo live (dj akademiks)
Either you give god's plan time
Or the judge gone give it to you
That game old as landlines
Track Name: Smell My Blood ft. London Fresco
I had to put me on punishment
And see who fuck me wit me honestly
This lil bitch ain't got no common sense
You can't name nothin you done for me

You a scab!
Lord knows lord knows Lord knows it's lookin up
But it's happening so slow
God am I good enough?
God am I good enough?
Ima just keep cookin up
Exhausted can't hustle no hardeeeer
I'm from the deep end where the sharks was
They smell my blood in the water

Niggas wonder why I stay by myself
Niggas wonder why I walk wit the weapon
Everything I got it took me forever
Everything I lost I lost in a second

Got the hustle down I'm tryna perfect it
Got the bag and now I got to protect it
Watch my enemies and my friends especially
They don't like it but they got to respect it

She fell off and now she want me to help her
She's no user so I piece it together
Where I'm from you get no credit for effort
Get it done or you a sucka forever

I done had some women offer me babies
No relationship they just want my seed
I get quiet look at them like they crazy
If I had a billion I might agree

I be like God what's up you tryna tell me something show it to me plain so I can see
Every single opp who pop up is powerful but every friend who fuck wit me is weak
Fuck you lil bitch I do not got to speak
I'm goin thoo a thang thang thang
Talk down on me but when it's time to eat
Them niggas holla gang gang gang

Enemies friends mane same thang
Shit you can't change gotta roll wit it
I ain't a thief but I'm in jam
Potna got a scam and he cold wit it

I'm just tryna feed my folks
God I trust you I see growth but
You gone kill me tryna teach me what you think I need to know
Track Name: Bruce Springsteen
On baseline on Facetime wit a bad one( huh)
Police pass had to drop the phone act casual (huh)
10 thousand on me got dammit nigga that's natural (emh)
She don't never beg from a g cuz I stunted on her so gradual (blu)

International nigga capital little rock is my shelter (rock)
Money power my food and water that shit ain't hard I'm special (bing)
Yeen never wanna roll now you tellin everybody I left you (sucka)
All them licks you slept through my nigga wtf kept you (please)

It's strategy over emotion- (holup) redrum no breadcrumbs
Never kill the infection just go cut out the place where it spread from
You A1 when the feds come, B cool don't indict yourself
C through all the bullshit, don't sign nothin yeen write yourself

Portugese man of war wit these 2 sticks hunt the weak jellyfish
Change throw aways quartertly
Save the money my lawyer need
Cowards pray to God more than me cuz I'm mostly out here gettin it
They ain pattin down quarterpiece so I'm in the club wit that issue

Last summer was Italy just might hit Tenbuktu
Cancer don't skip nobody I'm spendin this shit fuck you
Gave the rock to me no monopoly do what niggas in the clutch do
Started off a big cliiique people ain't shiiit now it's just us 2

Suckas can't stand pain so my campaign never was a hunnit for em
(I) Wash the car when it's bout to rain then shine all though the thunderstorm
Listen here you don't like your life then don't give me no life advice
Crunch time I ain't callin you; who the fuck is you talking to?

Save money (naw mane) eat right (naw mane)
Try to transition from the street life (naaaw mane)

Save money (naw mane) eat right (naw mane)
Turn th3 other cheek in a street fight (naaaw mane)

Spendin money by myself ain't craccin baby haaave some
I be fake concerned when they fakin orgaaasms

Me and bro might catch a plane
He'll be smokin sour in Okinawa
So now we share everythang mane she ain't yours she both of ours

Mane these hoes'll steal your allowance
Pop ya pills, toot all the powder
Nothin wrong if we argue for em
Real g's don't argue bout em

MMA ya bae ground and pound her
Buss a nut get the fuck from round her
She ain't wifey she useful though
Run a scam on a out of towner

Right now all my jewelry clean
But when they see me next spring
Gone be diamonds on me bling bling
Gotta 93 supreme team

Got the gold shoes green jeans
Got a perky in her sheen lean
This a movie no behind the scenes
I'm a boss Bruce Springsteen