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released October 30, 2014


all rights reserved



607 Little Rock, Arkansas

Eccentric American Titan

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Track Name: Gotta Go Trillwave
Been sitting here waiting for nxggas to get on my level
I'm cool wennispeace, when it's beef, i shoot better
Your woman be eyein me; if she try me, I'ma let her
She know I'm bubbling like a shook up diet dr pepper
How much money will it get us is the question I be posing
You can't answer, you aint a king boy you a soldier
Nothing wrong with it but don't act like we the same
I'm the owner gettin money don't got to go to the game
You got to tell em yo name you doin it wrong
Quiet when I'm there but they holla when I'm gone
Everything in-house baby get a skill,
The quicker we get finished the quicker we get to chill
Bout to give up on the women and just be a loner-
Said I got to wanna marry her to be up on her
Sound like a pimp trick i aint touch that
She still waitin on me to call back, fxck that :: i don't wanna be here

I gotta go, I can't stay
You ain't right, I can't wait (x4)

I really wanna chill out and stack more
But since I'm winnin ima target for the jackboys
accidentally shot a nxgga now you die hard
i got quiet and put the SK on the bipod
Homie was hannin now?! I gotcho mama tryna flag me down
Sayin my son depressed give him a pass for now
know my background and pedigree
She know her son aint SMART enough to be scared of me
But I respect her like a auntie so I cashed out
The hood crazy I got 2 get my ass out
It's GrowTivation the block is not my destination, just a pit stop
Gettin impatient, they betta hope this shit pop
Cuz if the energy I put into the positive go over to the negative
Bodies gone be droppin I ain't braggin I'm just sayin cuz these nxggas think I'm playin
gone either be some money or a pistol in my hand mofo
It ain't a secret, only reason you still got it cuz I let you keep it
No peace til the streets eat, hit a lick
Or dig a bigger ditch fxccn wit that nxgga 6
Waitin on you this light of mine'll neva shine bright
How long it take to gitcho moph mind right?!
If doin it for family don't motivate you
Then you the problem believe me I hate you ::
and i don't wanna be here
Track Name: Enjoy Yourself Tonight
Your words are haunted,
Cause you never returned what's mine
Been so long now I don't want it
But you will pay for your crime
I been waiting for the perfect time to strike and that's tomorrow
So I'll warn you (one last time) enjoy yourself tonight
No sense in living...
You're embarrassing and morally bankrupt
Now your life is all you have left worth giving
Ima take it though, to be real it's not enough
But I been waiting for the perfect time to strike and that's tomorrow
So I'll warn you (one last time) enjoy yourself tonight
Try not to destroy yourself tonight
(I wanna do it)

Look at the freak in the face look at the person you left,
look how I'm leaving the cage I ain't taking no baby steps,
did u not know it's a race I only compete with myself,
am I conceited or greedy cuz i know i cant be defeated you needed your health,
I see bravado but mano y mano I'm knowin you shook,
the angles you dangle at make it go deeper you stuck on the hook
Ima sleep easy by knowin it's hemoglobin overflowin
Nail gun to your front teeth, skin damp like lunchmeat, throat fulla quick dry concrete

I'm sorry. I get so carried away, carried away, carried away, carried away yikes!

In 24 hours, we'll seal the deal, it's gone be over