by 607

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released October 31, 2012


all rights reserved



607 Little Rock, Arkansas

Eccentric American Titan

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Track Name: Bandcamp with Jlaur, Drew Deezie
I'm in the club with my wristband
Yikin hard leanin like i'm on a kickstand
Spendin big, tippin big, i'm the big man
Couldn't tell you what time i got here, but your bitch can
They be so busy with the fam,
this the only time i get to see my partners kickin ham
I treat who i wanna treat, this ho think she hot
So she asked could she have a drink, no bitch you may not
(hold up!)
The DJ play my music when it's busy
We work together cuz it's better for the city
Some people in here walk to work, be coming home tired
I like to see 'em chillin, they're heroes in my eyes
We jokin, talkin noise to each other cuz it's fun talkin noise
I done told her I love her
This is the type of night i hope i see my ex on
I make her miss me when she see me gettin my flex on
Track Name: Quick Pick with JLaur
Take one: greed is the cancer and I'm stage one
Riding for my hogs in a frenzy
I ain't trippin if you don't befriend me
Y'all just do y'all, and i'ma do me- Hold up, ima do me and her
It's no accident that you cannot see what i see in her
I appreciate the handoff, now she got the candles all lit
Hit her with the magic stick, call me Gandalf
Find me up at them racks, grind me up in the sack
Put her high heels on and line me up in the back
She play my numbers and she winning every time
So ain't no sense in hittin her after 9:59
Track Name: Wait Too Long with Jlaur
They can't stand happy, they can't see a G
They mad at me, I'm just being me
I'm good people, I'm heaven worthy
But I stay ducked off though cuz folks like me get smoked early

Sting these hoes like paintballs, around the globe- i ain't y'all
Had a headache 5 days straight, i CANNOT turn my brain off
These females stay wiggin out, tellin they folks I did em wrong
I'm not trying to figure it out, I ain't bumpin no love songs!

Shit i'm trying to teach you, you shoulda BEEN knew but you clown me
If this is how you treat help, i'm gone keep your ass from around me
Grind my teeth in my sleep stressin, other folk problems in my head
Kick it by myself til im back 100 cuz i ain't good to nobody dead (instead)

I'm gettin money just takin care of me girl
I'm spendin time just takin care of me right now
I'm gettin money just takin care of me girl (know why?)
Cuz you'll get tired of takin care of me

No access to the best if you bring stress, that's just the rule
I didn't say too much so i guess you thought that sh*t was cool
Some folk got a broke mentality, ain't no fixin you
So I'ma give it to god and do some stuff i didn't get to do

Cuz that pain ruins it- it's funny how nobody noticed the good stuff you were doin for 'em until you withdraw and then stop doin it
Now they calling foul and counting how many time you call 'em now
They want the ref to come help em play, so i throw the game and stay out of bounds

Food will kill you, drank will kill you
Love and death done got too familiar
Needy people help tear you down, knowing they're too weak to help rebuild you
Grind my teeth in my sleep stressin, other folk problems in my head
Kick it by myself til im back 100 cuz i ain't good to nobody dead (instead)
Track Name: Full Speed
Money in the mix, don't keep none to burn
Stuntin is for the young ones,
you'll be broke by the time you learn
Your girl got some play in her, if i twist her she gone turn
My girl might, i let her yike
You hype- i'm not concerned
Enemies squirm wen they think you're smaller
Go-kart with a motor like a Charger
Jump like I'm 'bout to throw a rod
I'm crunk like i got a new starter, harder
Is what she yells when i'm standin up in that there
You'd swear we fightin
I know i love her, i keep callin like:

What's up baby it's me again, ridin under street lights
Wondering if we meet again, what is it gone be like?
'Cause if you talkin right i'm comin right now (U-turn)
What'd you say? Baby girl is THAT how it's going down?
I'm on my way. Full speed.
Track Name: Block Monster with Big Dolla
You loco! How am i scared of you?
When I'm so way ahead of you?
Don't ever ask me 'what it do?'
Cuz 'it' do what the fuck i tell it to
Superstitious and so religious,
Them chicks can't keep nothin from me
See I can tell she a gold digger
By the way the bitch count money
So I canceled her
She'll probably move to Los Angeles and go broke
Cuz a stupid hoe gone be a stupid hoe
No matter how you treat her; she's a joke
And a nigga too so how you figure
You're in a position to yike my block?
When your neighborhood's a big pair of panties
And you're like the cotton crotch - i watch
These lil dirty broke niggas talkin bout kickin ass
If you were getting money, you wouldn't be getting mad
It's hard to frown counting 10,000 dollars cash
Don't ask me a thing
Track Name: Puppy Breath
This pencil is a needle, this paper is your vein
It hurts much worse at first, but after it's no pain
See my loss is your gain, the artists help the change
Cuz when you spill a drop we draw a shape around the stain

A street king is epic to the workers in the jungle
But we're all god's children so i'm humble
In a world where just having money gives you seniority,
They blackball the dogs with natural superiority

But i defy the odds cuz congress can't defy the gods
Money don't define success but yes i came to find my part
I done accepted the face that i'll actually never climb the charts
Cuz i hold a special place inside the thinker's minds and hearts

Back to how i started, chillin by myself now
All my folks said that my awakening was a meltdown
Hollerin 'free e-dubb' is something that they gone do
But i'm trying to give my nigga something to come home to

Renegade, dinner plate sittin center stage
Born loser but i'm goin through a winner phase
I left her stranded and abandoned, she love me to death
She smoke a lil too much, she got that puppy breath
Track Name: Broken
Verse 2

Miss me, i miss me, the cowards talk and diss me
Streets got me parked by where they sleep, memorizing their routines
They're somebody's homie, but i'm stuck on how they wronged me
The pen or death don't sound bad when you poor beat down and lonely

Happy face is my murk face, i be depressed on my birthdays
Pain comes from breathing, prayers come from a hurt place
Ain't no need for stressin, my pastor says, he ain't right
It's more people than blessings, so somebody ain't gone eat tonight!

School taught me lessons i can't apply to the real world
It did teach me how people are, we punk the boys and rape the girls
TV got me wanting to live it up, CDs got me wanting to give it up
God created us in his image, greed fucked that picture up

I see stuff so differently when i think about what they did to me
I'm in this club with my eyes closed and nobody better not say shit to me
I promise you, i promise you, it DO NOT hurt like it used to
You never forget the way a dead body stares right through you when you're broken
Track Name: Stripper Stripper with JLaur
Here she go, there she go everywhere- any kinda money there she gone appear
Walk like she got good, talk like she got good, dance like the cookie worth a millionaire
Girl i got a secret can i keep it in there? Legs up, feet in he air, i'm keepin it player
I done paid 4 rents, 2 car notes, let me put my bid in, put your cheek in the chair

Closer to god when i'm closer to you, i see your scars under your tattoos
Mesmerized by the way you move, shake shake shake shake, got me doing the fool
thighs, mercy, ass, perfect, threw a thousand at her feet cuz i feel like she worth it (yik3s!)
Track Name: 6O SUP3R!
Bitch i'm bout to go super hard, pipes and motor, super-charged
Changed phones on my ratchet hoes, comin up don't go with no stupid broad
Travel the globe, i'm super smart, truth be told i miss the fam
All they see is me tagged in pictures on foreign teenagers instagram

When i get back we kickin ham, sideways through ernie biggs
Only stayin bout 20 minutes, it's plenty stops on my journey bitch
607 make that music that 2pac would jam
Get murked, come back and crush my enemies with the hologram

They put my back against the wall so i decorate it
And celebrate it cuz them hoes said i'd never make it
They see me yikin and they think it's so funny
But niggas make jokes when they can't make money
Track Name: Highway Miles with JLaur, Bobby, Drew Deezie
1-2, 1-2, is this mic on man i can't hear myself
Stuck in a trance, how many chances can i give myself
I used to pray for paper now i just ask him for health
My flesh gone get this money regardless, might be my death

My watch means absolutely nothing when i'm gettin it in
She hit me 4 hours ago but i was busy then
She say i'm late on purpose, all i think about is sex
But if i didn't have a dick, she wouldn't even text (next!)

Dodgin felonies and misdemeanors
A stranger mean me harm so i keep that tint between us
But when i'm hype, windows down, let the speakers yike
I'm super careful but can't let these haters run my life!

I worry bout my brothers and the stuff they going through
When i was younger, though, i made some people worry too
My sisters beautiful and strong, we helped raise each other
Shanieka, Jessica, i love you, i'm proud of you
Track Name: Pit Bull Gums
(this was a freestyle lol)
Track Name: Just A Man
Verse 2

Heated exchange I'm feedin yo angels xanax
Decapitiate wit machetes, THIS where they do that at
Smear a blood trail for my faculty of rejects
Slumpin through the forest like a T-Rex (Kuh-Krack!)
Open him nose ring to nutsack
Let all the hurt in my world paint his guts black
You stillborn i'm airborne, so high i can't land
You just a fan- I'm just a man
Track Name: Toybox
Happy Valentine's Day
Track Name: Jae Victory - In The Car
Miles long, highways, greyhounds, airplanes
You call, I'll be there, how far, I don't care
Your back is my front, from your heart my blood runs
I was scared, you changed me for the better
People think I'm crazy (but no)

Baby don't worry bout me at all
I'm all the way in the car
We're a team, focus on other things
I'm all the way in the car
Ride out baby, you don't ever gotta be scared
Ride out baby, I ain't never goin' nowhere

Who's that bringing up your past?
Like they never did nothing wrong
If their mistakes were paint;
I could cover their broken homes (2 times)
So just forget about it, My love you can't play around with
His ups and downs are mine- We ain't lookin for no co-sign
I got my seatbelt on

Baby don't worry bout me at all
I'm all the way in the car
We're a team, focus on other things
I'm all the way in the car
Ride out baby, you don't ever gotta be scared
Ride out baby, I ain't never goin' nowhere

It's amazing, the rumors are so creative
I don't take it personal, not at all
They're just jealous, I ain't worried bout them heifers
If I'm wrong, then just let me be wrong
I'ma ride til we decide otherwise
If you need some rest, baby I'ma drive
No matter what the cost, we gone ride til the wheels fall off

Baby don't worry bout me at all
I'm all the way in the car
We're a team, focus on other things
I'm all the way in the car
Ride out baby, you don't ever gotta be scared
Ride out baby, I ain't never goin' nowhere