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I think Big KRIT had the best album out this year. We performed with him and beat him on stage. I wanted to beat his album. So i did that. enjoy


released October 31, 2011


all rights reserved



607 Little Rock, Arkansas

Eccentric American Titan

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Track Name: Piece of Your Own
We ride, smash out, off the wall, glasshouse
Bein in the hood ok, on the cool, everybody tryna get they ass out
Asap, anyway, anyhow, get about hustle tactics and flip that bread
Coin to a bill to a knot to a shoebox, that's stuck in my head

Living will and testament, they know i represent 607 reasons you should never rap again, a dent can make a difference
My homies in da pen; but me i'm in-da-pen-DENT -
i'ma let you take that in

We squattin with the shottaz, potnas who pistol poppers
Stand up niggas who dont have no problem with baby mamas
We workers with no collars, some villains with no cielings
Better pay me like i weigh or bes' believe i'm gone be stealing

Made it outta the killing and there won't be many after him
That's cuz gangbangin is a blood borne pathogen
High school folks get at me bro, i'm still a loc and still a trip
Peel out on the showroom floor, smokin up the dealership
Track Name: Keep Spendin' ft Bobby
Turf Surfin, Bass Age Pimpin
Hate but they never catch A-State slippin
We simple, they grain grippin
But look at all the women's faces,
they ain't trippin

Probably leaving early cuz we bout a hundred deep
In my deck-a-dummy derby and my bounty hunter fleece
Waitin for my cousin comin down here from the D
Cuz my tank is fulla gas and my town is fulla freaks

Whoa! Man i'm from the school of the old
Storage for the ride, 'nother storage for the dope
New d-boys swearin they OG's
We'll treat you like a drunk bitch: take your keys

Yikes! Chevys and kawasaki bikes
On bill clinton avenue, pass through twice
Baby just call cuz i'm wild for the night
I'ma throw you on the wall and read you your rights

Pass you the ball, hut-down-set-hike
Talked dirty to your mama cuz y'all sound just alike
She know i be playin though, plus i paid a rent or two
Put your game face on, this is what we finna do
Track Name: I'm Ok
They pop them warning shots off tuck they tail and run
Then try to hype theyself up off a G's response
But no such thing will exist cuz
Silly rabbit, tricks for kids and the strip club

Denied me for medicaid, funky bitches
Then turned around and taxed me 10 racks for a doctor visit
Unnecessary CT scan, playin with you
Blow my phone up 'bout that bread, i BET you do not get it

Through the lies and the hate, watch the plan manifest
Rise of the apes, we don't have a planet yet
Girl don't understand it yet, so she worriesome
But if she shut her mouth i might could get some work done

I hit the streets like they hit me first
If you're coming with me baby; put some flip-flops in your purse
I'm a man so some things i feel but i don't say
But i keep coming back- that's how you know i'm ok
Track Name: Everyday Like Halloween ft SL Jones
Introduce that ana; you gone meet this heater
I'll be in your backyard, like the meter reader
OG so i do me, fucc what you was thinkin ho
Had to change my wardrobe cuz snitches put on gangsta clothes

For the work i show up first like the church organist
That's why money stacked like bunk beds at the orphanage
Give these hoes pills and buss heads, call me morpheus
Staked out for them fakes out here impersonatin warriors

OFF! i can't take no loss, told what he sold what he bought
Nigga say no more that's what i thought
Couldn't even look me in the eyes coward vibes are what i caught
Let that bird sing his song- man all that info wrong

I been doing it so long, i will not die today
I dont need binoculars to see that shit a mile away
Everyday like halloween, they dress up and play hard
We know, police know so all you foolin is your fellow frauds
Track Name: By Yourself Out Here ft Jeron Marshall & Jessica Tillman
Single mothers brave
She wake 'em up early, She with 'em everday
They keep her car dirty, but they so well behaved
How could i let em starve when i'm out here gettin paid?

Some label me a trick, but a trick fills up your glass
I just come through when you need me, and i dont make you ask
Helpin' a soldier easy, I ain't trying to smash
But please don't tempt or tease me, i'm trying to be a man
Believe me!!!!
Track Name: I Dare You
These niggas wanna be so cool,
shots in the dark cuz they really don't know you
I'm a OG bitch and i play chess, How you start beef with a domino move?

Decided they don't like him... so they start typing... gangsters typing?
Thug ass secretary. Where they make those at bro? that's trifling

What floor you from? if you real then come yike the bomb
State your claim and say my name or get no response,
You a washed up baller like lebron

Kept it 6! How i played myself? Saw myself and i raised myself!
Did myself and i stayed myself! you copied my homies i made my myself!

Fucc you mean?! can't be a G based off what you seen
What you smoke on or what you drink, you a coward cuz
Fucc what you think, thought, achieved, or lost! nigga i'm a boss
Yankin my BGs by the collar. They beggin' 6-0 let me go!
But they know i won't cuz i'm like they father

Daddy dont force the hood. Daddy say son chill, it's all good
Then come home shakin on a random sunday not sayin shit and it's understood
But if it get live; i'm bout to bring ALL the bees up out the hive
Time to man up, tell the coroner gas the van up cuz 607 went wild, HIY!
Track Name: 9 izmy SI9N ft Niq and Bobby
9 izmy SI9N, i am my only competitor
How you expect to shine when you so moph regular?
Step it up. jacka must be smart from the start
You a negro w/a ego and a pussy for a heart

When i was young, thought them niggas was real
I got older, they got older now i see what it is
They was callin me weird, while they snitch and make deals
now the 9 izmy SI9N, don't give a fucc how you feel
Track Name: Turf Surfin
Turf surfing through the city streets thinking deep
I ain't made a million dollars yet- what's the point in sleep?
Bumpin Stevie wonder loud cuz i'm into that
Lettin' everybody pass, creepin with my window cracked

Hit up wally world late cuz i hate crowds
Need some dickies a dvd and some face towels
Life got me thinkin wild, i thug it through
I tell my people it dont bother me but it do

My firepower will finish what y'all start
I might just have to do some years
As i look around wal-mart
I hope i'm never judged by a jury of my peers

They ignored me on the way up
And hated on the way down, i don't give a fuck
I took the hard way, i deserved what i'm gettin
I'll yike one of these sensitive ass niggas
Track Name: Soldier King
Loyalty, devotion, these things will not get you a promotion
These kings need a good soldier for life
So even after battle you gotta go home and fight

With wisdom comes great sorrow, supervision afraid of tomorrow
Look at what a simple act like asking questions comes to
How they answer depends on what they want from you

I know bosses, ballers, street leaders
Only difference between us is how we see leaders
Payin lawyers and these hoes when i last seen 'em
Instead using cheddar to create their homie's kingdom

Now your fellow soldiers showing promise
But their ambition only based on shit that you accomplished
They wanna take the spot you worked for
Stupid king won't up your pay, they just increase your workload
Track Name: Where the Wild Things AR ft Asylum, Bobby, J-Flow
It's beginning to look a lot like
6 done stepped in the spotlight with
A clique of niggas from the rock, trust
We doing this shit right cuz

I be where the wild things AR
You pay the right price we a-ttack
13 hundred 1 dollars plus tax?
My team is incredible, fuck that

Fuck over me? why try?
Style everywhere kinda like wi-fi
Getting cremated these niggas can't
even put me in a box when i die

We held the nation hostage
It's the elder statesmen, bobby,
Flow, and Asylum you know we on these hoes
(off that gorilla milk)
Track Name: Formula 6
No matter your profession they question when you on top
They may not like your style but they respect when you wont stop
I can't do nothin but smile and thank everyone who came
Clear mind to plant this seed is all you need to peep this game

Flashin money temptin', but stunting is a pencil
That always draws the wrong attention, Some people judgemental
I went and helped her out she think she trickin and she onto 6
Count your blessings not money or my condoms bitch, PAKOW!

When you get love in the street but you don't fit the mold
That bother niggas who go out they way to PLAY the role
See what i say to hoes, trying to find a wrinkle
That's my pockets rustle, and theirs kinda jingle

Piece of the puzzle don't fit? Dont you force it to work
Some niggaz dont get to snitch, too sced to do the dirt
Rewind 30 minutes he was lyin tombout him and his
Strap was deck- he wouldn't even jump the fence
Track Name: On Top
He say he too hot, I question your portfolio, you never at the spot
Hot boys don't be watching, They're the ones being watched
Nobody watching you cuz you faker than fox news

I be out on the bloccs choppin it up w/generals
Nobody brings your name up unless somebody cracks a joke
You ain't nobody friend, you ain't nobody foe
You a character... rappin and actin like you sell dope
(embarassin your hoe)

You like smoke in the air when it comes to earFear,
Think you spreading out, but you just disappear
Created some big story just to make em think you hot
I'm like a daycare center cuz i don't need a lot

Didn't do it THE way, i just did it MY way
You can't take the speed, get you bitch ass off the highway
The shit that y'all endorsin reminds me of law enforcement
They just keep saying this to themselves 'til they feel important:
Track Name: Bird High, Fish Low
It's certainly early for hype hyperboles
Purposely downplaying the money so they won't murder me
But baby how rich do i have to be? Cuz them booty cheeks is a ass-terpiece
Do she want it? Do she need it? Yeah she can get it, but she can't keep it
Fucc that naysayer, he's asleep
evil freezes this thick skin i bleed beneath, please believe

They mad, i still feel like i ain't did shit
Misfit, this cash wont fit in a twitpic
This clique, we smash on em, make em statistics
His skin, big gash open like a can of biscuits

You think i'm lying about that last description
I can't wait til you witness your first stab victim
That's the benefit of rockin with the 60
Brought the sick and twisted memories of my childhood with me
what's up??
Track Name: Callin Out
Cuz i'm callin out,
Niggas who said they had my back but crossed me out
Boy don't look down, hate on me out loud
I ain't got nothin to say, just cleanin house
Sweep yo feet, beat the street cuuuuuz

Bonin, conin, yikers only, turf surf with my closest homies
My fortress underground, still i feel them targets on me
I don't deserve these frauds, this ain't my plan this is god's
Niggas wanna wait til they're in charge
THEN they start working hard

All this attention got these guys looking under-eyed
You hatin instead of hustlin', bitch and you wonder why
Do my dirt, take off my shirt, right now i am killin it
And i won't act like it dont hurt, right now i am feelin it
Track Name: Ball Game
I wake up thinkin bout my family tryin to get em fed,
They wake up til the hustlers leave and then go back to bed,
I figured twitter something i could live my life without,
I log off and go actually DO that shit they type about,

They had me turned up, loadin burners for the revolution,
Now i ignore 'em like they do their new year's resolution,
We was like roaches cuz we stayed runnin out of shit,
Don't pay to be counterfeit, I'm str8 with or w/o a clique,

Bitch! G'd out. you smoke weed, i weed out,
Niggas can't take you serious cuz you saggin with your cheeks out,
Police come you CAN'T run, enemies come you gettin shot,
Stay at them high school parties cuz, you'll never ever make it on this block,

Weak lemon lame, sweet as Sugar Shane,
He work for the pigs, i'm a hog in the game,
I don't talk to the laws or the broads, entertain then skee-skurt with my piece of change,

It's hard to sleep when you winnin,
Be ready to get back at it,
That loss is around the corner, wake up get crackin!!


Standin in the shower, Let the water hit me
Trippin cuz within the hour, i'm gone be out somewhere gettin it,
Before i dot the door; take off my watch and watch the dishes,
Cuz my girl don't cook wen it's dirty in the kitchen

I'ma handle my biz when they pass me the rock, it's ball game (x4)