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I Must Be

from DRIVE by 607

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Must be that goat talk
Run my shit like a enterprise
Got my whole city dripnatized
while you feminized .ugh!
Put yo faith in them tender guys
Niggas shot but I'm still alive

Gone send the spies, .ugh!
Hate got me energized
Where I'm from it's a sin to cry
Unless somebody die .ugh!
-Sleep get you penalized
Choppa sing you a lullaby

Come to my city hoe
I can put you in front of dope
We can go where you wanna go
Meet at the Conoco .yikes!
Have my bread in a envelope
Chunk a deuce and I vaminos

To another mission
I can't see I got tunnel vision
Ion fuck wit the funny bitness .nah
--Punish women
She don't think she got competition holup call up them other bitches
Ain't no love lost
Cut you loose and I cut costs .hey!
-Drippin too much sauce to be down bad
Tryna chase what I can't have
Boy I used to be fucked off

Where the fuck was y'all? .hey!
Bae is it us or naw?
I fell out wit a couple dogs so to cut you off ain't shit
Fall outta love bounce back quick

I done survived poverty my crush turned me into comedy cuz of my kicks
I been on both sides of the robbery karma be comin back around slick
Stealin wit all my lil brothers and sisters was really my first 4 way split
I don't waste time and I don't waste people; I had to hire my catfish
I must be the shit

It must be my legacy .ugh
Tru OG in my pedigree .ugh
Energy got em sced of me
Can't go ahead of me .ugh
Who would you pick instead of me? .who?
Bitch I'm here I won't NEVER leave

And you best Believe when I don't got no cheddar cheese I'ma shake like a set of keys
Me without the paper is a song wit no melody .ugh
Recipe for a felony
Jealousy do exist
But why do I go thoo the shit .why
When I grew up on tunafish
Made a couple dollars and they hate like I'm super rich .what
We fell out over stupid shit
Don't know who to hit
When it's comin from all sides, outside, inside, .shit
Homicide, offsides, this everyday, some of MY niggas false flyin

If any my enemies had the heart of a goat- I might be sced right now
God woulda answered the prayer I used to say the most- hell I'd be dead right now
Revolution is a marathon bitch I'm woke- I know how to play it right now
I see the world is not fuckin witchoo but won't nothin you do make me say it right now

I see my soul is decayin right now
I was dancin in the rain,
it was roaches in the food
It was ants in the drain
Still they take a nigga moves

Let her know I'm coming over
She been sending me emojis
Firestick with the kodi
I been trickin so she owe me
No smell buss it open
I must be the shit

They like 6 where you been
Outta sight outta mind .yeah
At the bank on the grind .yeah
I ain't lyin but I'm flyin .yeah
Over water seat reclined .yeah
Confiscate a bitch mind .hey
Make her squirt a couple times
Wet my shirt up make a couple thousand while it's drying

Pussy niggas getting fined
Taxed with the Spike
Youn like me get in line .ho

We into it ain't sleepin
Ion tweet I'm bout to meet em
Locked and loaded with the heater
I'm on pine he on cedar
Spray the motor while he chiefin
Act like I ain't never seen him

Take his whole squad thoo it
On my stomach on the roofin
No more talk just do it
Big dog don't explain shit to a goofy!

Youn see me goin ham
Youn see me on the gram
How they into wit me? They got to Uber to the beef
Youn see me give a damn

I ain't putting his ass on
I ain't show him that song
Pocketwacthin niggas broke
So you you know they math wrong
Halloween mask on wearin fake stones (typical)

Nigga say he want smoke that's a smoke screen
He don't realize he a J and be poppin pills everyday fuck a dope fiend
Aim and I wink (fow)

Hitcha shoulder it might hitcha thoat
Atcha brains where I'm aiming though
Yeen like the way my brudda did you
Fuck wit me you bout to get the same results


from DRIVE, released June 14, 2019


all rights reserved



607 Little Rock, Arkansas

Eccentric American Titan

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